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Nothing to request


Frustrating that I donate max to nearly the entire alliance and struggle to find something to request. Sorry to rant a little, but Draco and Irritator is what I’m limited to. The huge lack of end game dinos hopefully gets addressed in 1.7.


I only really need 2 rares for fusion components, maybe 3. Otherwise, everything I need is epic…which we can’t request. So I basically just never request. :woman_shrugging:


I never ask for Irritator…because I know no one will donate that.:sweat_smile:
And I ask for Draco Gen2 several times, and noticed that our L2 members won’t even feel like to share that, so I also give up that one.


I request tany and miragai :grinning: preparing for a hybrid if that will happen in the future

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You need what I call a “Project” - pick a hybrid that needs commons, at least one of which isn’t in your local; if your alliance is active you will max out every request and can build some suprisingly effective creatures. My first project was Suchotator which is now L30 and on my team. My current one is Monolometrodon which is nearly at L24.

That said at the moment I seem to be using requests for stuff I really need. Thanks to donations topping me up I was able to create Skoolasaurus this morning. If it is wasn’t for requests I wouldn’t have Dilorach up to an impressive L28 (Dilo) and Touramoloch up to L26 (Tuo and Para).

I also find my alliance is very good at helping me over the line - if you say the request is to get that last 10/20 DNA you need then people tend to pile in even if it is something everyone needs. One or two taps per person quickly fills a request.

And sometimes its just fun to throw in a completely random request just to make everyone else scratch their head :smile:


That is so me, requesting “crap” like Arambourgiania, Limetrodon (Gen 2) and Sarcosuchus.

I am pretty sure my habit of requesting the least usable creature DNA is a meme at this point within the Alliance :joy::ok_hand:


Dime G2 is needed for Monolometrodon and don’t let @LadyHadden hear you dissing Sarcosuchus … :wink:


I mean… Okay, let me rephrase that.
I request the least desired DNA most of the time.

Happy now? :thinking::joy::roll_eyes::sweat_smile:


Same I only make dumb request like nunda, any pest because what I need is what everyone else is asking


At least it’s becoming more diverse than it was a few updates ago. Who thought to use velociraptor for 3 dinos then nerf veloci spawns??? Then introduce a velci sent. But hey, Lord Lythronax made everyone happy and everyone forgot about the huge nerf to events this week. Gotta love this game!


I rarely request things I need. They’re the same as most everyone else after all. I focus more on giving my fellow members the chance to get coins by offloading trash onto me lol.


There is a benefit to requesting common easy to fill stuff since it counts towards missions. I haven’t created Diora yet mainly because of using anky for tryko. I’m stockpiling a ton of everything, but hesitate creating and leveling due to cost and the probability of them being bench warmers. It would be nice if after our teams average gets above 24-25 that we could still swap and use a variety like earlier in the game. Maybe we will see the buffs to the uniques and a few legendaries in 1.7.


Good point - hadn’t thought about the effect on Alliance Missions :+1:


@Kodiakhunter1, I agree with Hybrid Alliance Projects. You and your Alliance are the parents to your dinobaby. And you raise her/him together. As a family. They still get to live with Mom and Dad at age 30!
@PQC and @Raven are faithful fathers to my dinobabies. :kissing_heart:


Happy to give you a baby anytime LadyH :slight_smile:

Edit: That sounded better in my head :rofl:


It sounds fine in my head :smirk:


I keep requesting money to pay my bills but my requests never get fulfilled! Darn you Sand Dunes! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::sleeping::joy:


Dinobaby is such a cute term lol! Expensive just like a real one too :rofl:


Just waiting for someone to come on and say “technically it’s creaturebaby as they aren’t all dinosaurs” :nerd_face:


I was browsing the “creature” inventory and it seems Toura may have potential. 22 now though and has mentioned moving out lol. I sure don’t want to regret putting resources into it if it won’t make the team. I wonder how much longer before 1.7 is released.