Notice the daily streak being 45 is supposed to give bonus rewards but doesn't?

The daily mission streak was set to 45. This was stated in the patch notes that this was gonna be the max rank (45), but it doesn’t add the 900% bonus rewards for having your streak the highest level like it was supposed to do for a week before the streak level would go back to 1 for the rest of the time being. The streak is visually shown as max and stays there if you complete your daily missions each day, but doesn’t actually include the % bonus in the daily mission rewards.
TLDR: streaks don’t work.


Hello wassup077. Would you mind emailing our support team at They’ll be able to look into things directly. You can also include your support key if possible. Thanks!

I to have been having the same issue

All 50 people in my alliance has the same issue so we all figured thats how it’s supposed to be and it’s just another visual aid to help people think something good is happening when its just there to raise questions

It does, when you are at streak level 1 or 0 (not too sure) you get 10 epic dna from your daily missions, when you are at streak level 45 you get 100 epic dna from your daily missions. Here is your 900% bonus reward. 10 * ( 1 + 900%) = 100.

And after how many days of inactivity will it go back to level 1? Does it reset each month?

No idea but I don’t think it will reset at the end of the season.

Alright, thanks!

Staff, could you maybe explain these changes in more depth and answer some questions people have asked please? There seems to be a bit of confusion around the update.

exactly how is getting ths same dna everyone alwasy got anyway a bonus?

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Yeah especially the rewards you gain for completing each daily mission individually. I don’t see what the 900% bonus represents there. Lol

It goes back to lvl 1 after 44 days of not completing it. It decreases 1 level each day. And it’s highly unlikely there is gonna be a reset. Prior to the change you still could lose dna if you were inactive and there was no reset back then either. If there would be, they would have mentioned it probably :face_with_peeking_eye:


The so called “bonus” is a carefully worded marketing move to lure new players to the game :laughing:


Oh, right! Thank you for your clarification.

Probably. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well we’re talking about Ludia here so everything’s possible. Although a level reset would benefit us players so not gonna happen :thinking:


One day not finishing will put you back one level

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I still do not understand why Ludia makes players click the collection button for the completed mission. i actually completed everything on the list of daily mission but now got a 44 streak. All because i forgot to collect the last daily mission and the 100 DNA!

:frowning: crazy isnt it?

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