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Noticed something


The dragons don’t interact and move around with your finger when you pet and rub them anymore. I miss it. :pensive::purple_heart::dragon_face:

Also, I had a Titan wing class battle with the white Bewilderbeast (may he r.i.p.), and at the last round, it crashed, along with a endless loading pop up. Missed out on some alpha chest keys. Ree. :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t had that happen with the alpha event, however the petting, some dragons do different things when you pet them. They still are interacting when I pet them and rub them.


They were able to move with your finger when you dragged it around the screen, now they stay in place for me. Just alittle bug I hope gets fixed soon.


There are only two interactions: tap and hold\move. Tapping causes dragons to react as if you were poking them, while holding\moving your finger makes you pet them. If your game no longer recognizes you moving the finger around - it’s a client-side bug.

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Yep, I know. They stopped motioning towards and away from my finger, depending on where I drag it. A unique feature I must say. :purple_heart:


I just noticed my 4 start Toothless might need sunscreen… he also has more sun aiming on him in the screenshots

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I’m sorry… Not being able to interact with your dragon buddies must be terrible, I hope they fix it for you soon.


He’s got a lot of melanin, he’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue: