Noticed the BANWAVE?


People feel free to add your comment if you noticed something from the banwave they put out

So now to Ludia, very good job with a banwave of less then 24 hour.
I gained more then 200 ladderpoints yesterday! :slight_smile:
And today (after the banwave was gone) losed 400 ladderpoints to get 1 win…
Wow just wow Legendary’s en high levels everywhere cause the cheaters / spoofers and a bit of walletwariors from lvl 22…
Its very frustrating Ludia…


They dont ban nobody yet i think, and im starting to doubt they will ban someone at this point xd


What BANWAVE? Where are you getting that info?


I haven’t noticed any ban effect.

Slow process dealing with self report accounts. Unlike Santa they’ll check more than twice their naughty list.

I think the double rare strike and epic strike are trying to keep the community sweet during the lengthy process.


Walletwarriors? So now ppl who support the game are part of the problem? Man you’re just butthurt


everyone with better team is either spoofer, cheater, or wallet warrior… lol


Or they work harder… :man_shrugging:t3::+1:t2:


Maby a bit overeact
Its just anoying me

Saw a day ago someone posted a picture. banned for 18 hours. Could be real or fake. Dont know it doe sure. Lets wat for more information


the people with 4ish level 25+ uniques are either playing 24 hours a day, spending thousands of $$$$ or spoofers. all the top players are still on the leaderboard, so it doesn’t look like they are banning people. just trying to trick people into self reporting.


Do not believe everything that is there on the Internet/this forum! :slight_smile:

All the suspended account, 18Hr ban, all 30 level unique/legendary dinos on team are photoshop/paint jobs which can be done easily using cut/paste. Those people are just trolling and want to get some entertainment!

I am pretty sure, this forum would be filled with “Why I am banned?” threads when the real ban begins.




I just lost 4 in a row in Arena 8 and after checking the leaderboard and am certain there haven’t been any significant bans yet … if any.

Maybe they’re just being very careful not to affect legits and after that’s done we will see a ban tidal wave :wink:


Not that I am suggesting anything. But how is it someone get these powerful dinosaurs.

If there is a trick please share.


I don’t see anything abnormal about this player considering he/she is Level 15.
Stegodeus is easy to obtain/ upgrade if you have coins/ money.
Indoraptor: Might be getting lot of T-Rex around him. But that does require hell lot of Velociraptors!!

Rest of the dinos are average!


That’s and easily obtainable team

This is my team


I don’t have any uniques yet, but by the time you reach level 14 you should have several legendaries. If you’re competitive and aiming for Arena 8 and the leaderboard you will need them! But you can get them by grinding.

P.S. I have VIP and bought several level up incubators, but I’m certainly no big spender.


That team isn’t even good compared to the actual good teams. That person farmed bots to get that high ranking.