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Notification icon in-game won't go away

Bug Description: notification icon on player level button isn’t going away for update announcements, 25%/50%/100% more dinobucks

Area is was found in: the player level icon

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- click on icon, press on the notification banner, browse around said notification announcement/offers for dinobucks and then return to play the game
Step 2 - after darting, battling, or fulfilling alliance requests the notification returns

How often does it happen: every time

What type of device are you using: Pixel 2

Please fix this, it is super annoying, especially if I’ve already looked at the notification. I also get “connect to facebook” notifications when I did that a year ago

Our team will look into it, @Sammi_Waddell, thanks for letting us know!

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