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Notifications For phone

For some reason, I have stopped getting notifications. I can’t see when someone send me or messages me. I have to just usually check the app a few times a day to see if i got a message. I have turned off my notifications on my phone, rebooted phones and closed app and still can’t get any notifications.

Hey Kamethyst, could you check your device settings and make sure your notifications are enabled for Lovelink?

I have Ned. I shut them off and then turned them back on. It started on the last update when we got cpt. Muffin. I am on an andriod device so idk if that may be the issue

Could I ask you to email your device info over to our team at so they can take a closer look at this? If you could include your support key in the email as well, it’d be really helpful.

Thanks! :smiley:

Ok will do