Nov 10 epic strike video I won



Great vid @Bonnie_Potter and congrats!!

Hope you don’t mind me posting mine here as well so there aren’t a billion new threads today :joy:


Wow you dodged 3 times! My indo has never dodged 3 times. LOL. i hope i will have the same luck as you :slight_smile:

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You make it look so easy :slight_smile:


Believe me I sweat a bit too mine never dodged that well either :sweat_smile:

It’s all good!! We should work together!

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Looked very easy for u!
You indeed are the Koolasuchus guy!! :smile:


So how to do it without a indo raptor


Hahah I can’t escape those darn things :joy:

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idk… thats tough question bc dimetrodon can break shields n armor maybe a tank???

Was thinking try get lucky on a dodge from irex but will be very lucky

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do you have her?

My Irex did not dodge r.i.p. I think he sacrificed his Dodge for my indo :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Indo suddenly is pretty much everywhere huh lol

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Oh god so i am screwed basicly i wanted one dodge at least but in battle it dont work

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Try to keep faster dinos on your team
Don’t quote me but I think rex is 104 and dimi is 112…

If they get a first shot in, it puts you at a huge disadvantage.
Since most people seem to have rex first, maybe put a bleeder or distractor on there to start, and then a power up Dino to finish it off to take on dimi next.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


It’s all luck I wait for my dino to stop shuffling to hit cloak and usually that helps dodge odds but I could be delusional…

Great tips. Also some distracted have 2 distracts or swap in distract so u can make a non cleansing dino hit 0hp on a swing

Was hoping spino level 16 first then gorgo 16 then try my irex with cloack and smash or level 16 pyrittator


This seems like a good plan!
I would expect spino to go out in one hit, and gorgo so be on the brink, but as long as it’s powered up, you should be able to take one bite out of dimi

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