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November 6th Moment of Glory

Very cool, thanks @Jon.

Awesome. Thank you.

That’s good and all but here’s the most important part that most of us SHOULD be asking.
What TIME does it start?
I follow this game on twitter, the event banner used to tell us the time it starts but ever since 2 weeks ago it stopped. It’s bad enough there are no in-game reminders… but to guess the time it starts?

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Hi Jon, good idea having an extra one thanks but it’s not going to resolve the issue having it on the 6th of November.

I do not believe that many people that didn’t already have Nayeli before she became a quest reward will have her as quests only come once per day and award 25 scrolls at max - that is there isn’t enough time to achieve 150 scrolls based on the quest refresh rate (not on how quickly you complete the quests)

If you look at my current mission status for example, I haven’t missed any missions since Nayeli became the prize yet there is no way I can complete it by end of week let alone Wednesday

Note I only had one quest active when Nayomi reward appeared, at best someone could have 3 active. So a few could perhaps finish by Wednesday but many not before the weekend on the assumption that all quests are easy. Now that’s just looking at quest refresh rate, also need to consider completion times. sometimes you get nasty ones and the replacement quest can be nasty too so needs to be some allowance for that. End of next week seems to be reasonable.


Thanks Jon!!!

I mean, that’s the ENTIRE complaint, so giving an extra 24 hours which still isn’t enough to unlock her, solves absolutely nothing and helps absolutely no-one (who doesn’t already have Nayeli). This feels like nothing more than an ill-considered stunt of appeasement.

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For those wondering about moment of glory timing, they changed it. Instead of during a set time window, it activates at logging in that day after certain time, so make sure when u log in on wednesday, u have the 2 hrs or so for the event…

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Also, what they changed isn’t pushing the event by 1 day, they are pushing it next week instead.
If you read the post on facebook as well as on twitter, they said that this week will be a Naomlen Moment of Glory and next week AKA November 13 will be the Nayeli’s Moment, therefor giving you an extra 7 days to complete the quest and/or the renown

So what time does the Naomlen Moment of Glory start?

Check YESPA’s comment.

Its been like that for now 2-3 weeks.

@Risk77 Moment of Glory is no longer in a set timeframe of 2 hours. Simple login to activate the Moment of Glory 2-hour timer.

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@Jon I would prefer it if there was a button that would activate the timer. Sometimes I only have a moment to open a chest and not enough time to run a dungeon or twenty.


@retsamerol you bring up a good point! I will pass this on to the development team.

I just got my moment of glory and i have been playing all day, and aout of nowere it simpli vanished, i had 24 trys and 1 hour 50 minutes left and simply disapeared.

I know you guys said i would be when we log in but i never got the free event and also it simply took it away, poof gone for good

Ok they said above an extra one on November the 6th


Same thing German, did 2 runs, had about 1 hr 50 minutes left, left app and went back to to main screen for a few minutes. Reloaded app and both moments of glory are gone

Yup, me too. I guess once the clock starts you have to just play as long as you can to get the most out of it.

I never left the app I was running mine straight through

I was only able to access the rogue one anyway and was feeling like I couldn’t be bothered with it for her so no big loss.

Would have been nice to acess the Nayeli one though as all the common etc gear would be nice to get her levelled up

It’s 4:30 pm and it hasn’t even shown up as an option for me for either hero so I guess I just got skipped.