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Now I know Ludia Cheats

So, we all know matchmaking is broken… BUT I just fought a bot that was listed as a player. Name was RedMage or BrownTiefling or some other descriptor + vaguely dnd noun… amd the bot had 4 level 18, and a power rating of over 14000! My team was 2 13s, and 2 14s, power rating of 9400… my shev disintegrate did 550 damage to an unbuffed Tommus who had just put up Taunt + Regenerate. No block. No AC+ proc… just Taunt and Regen.

Then Saarv went, procced fury, hit my whole line leaving 1 of my 2 tanks standing with about 10% health.

How am I supposed to compete against that?!?!?!?

8 PVP matches in a row, all of which had a MINIMUM of 35% more power level, and at least 500 more trophies than I HAVE EVER HAD!

Is this cause I bought a gem pack and you want me to spend them all in ToM? Guess what? Not happening. I’ll be requesting a refund in the in app request, disputing it with my CC, and NEVER spending a dime again.


Sounds like one of their bots. Usually a color in the name

Adjective plus class is usually a bot unless it’s a player mimicking a bot name