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Now I’m really worried…

So why am I worried?

I have seen so many players unable to log into the game since the update and I even became one of them when I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it in the vain hope of being able to receive raid invites without the play store pop up and loss of the said invite. Now I can’t get past the 1/30 loading screen either and yes I’m upset, frustrated and so fed up of the lack of a fix.

Then, this afternoon my wife sees a message on the playstore telling her the price of VIP goes up next month. Up by 20% no less! That alone will cause lots of players to say enough is enough. But when you see players cancelling for a variety of reasons including the resilient changes and the decimation of dinos like Tryko, not being able to raid, and not being able to log into the game at all I also read that Jam City have tabled their bid to buy Ludia too.

So the game itself seems to be at a point where it could all come tumbling down. The game I have played since launch, the game that I have stuck with through thick and thin, the game that has helped me enjoy my retirement, and the game that has helped me through a difficult time when my health wasn’t good, the game that has given me endless hours of enjoyment.

I need to get my head around having to accept that it could very soon be gone because without the VIP and players spending instore whats gonna happen? It seems that Ludia are almost willing the players to leave or to stop spending money on it.

Please sort it out before it’s too late.


That would be sad indeed. I know the feeling well.

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I think is the end of our lovely game it done!

Maybe Ludia is trying to keep the game untill the release of Dominion next year. And then make a decision to keep JWA or not?

I know one friend has this problem, I dont, but i hope ludia fix this

The games a joke. Total rip off and money grabbing. My teams been totally debuffed yet can’t even log in after over 24hrs! Joke. The whole games a joke

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The current situation was an unforeseen glitch. I seriously doubt JWA is going anywhere. Once this gets fixed, hopefully quickly, it’ll be back normal. I’m sure Ludia have great plans for when Dominion drops next year.

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Jwa is done !

I have been lucky with the update and other than a delay in being able to download.

I have checked the App Store and it hasn’t got any info on a price increase yet but maybe it’s time for a cancellation in support of those unable to play and as a stand against any increase.