Now Impossible to Achieve Daily Targets without BIG Change

Well, color me annoyed… I’m not going to rage-quit the game (despite a steadily growing number of 3-0 and 3-1 losses, and a steadily growing number of times the drone does not fire a dart when I lift my finger), but there’s a quiet little change to the Daily Missions that has me hot under the collar. There is now a “Best Practice” requirement (worth 25 coins, meh) that is needed to achieve the day’s reward. This “Best Practice” requires me to “participate in the required amount of Campaign Missions.”

I am not a member of an alliance, I do not want to join an alliance, I’ve been playing the game just fine since shortly after it was released in the iOS world and really, REALLY dislike this idea. I play a bit here, a bit there – fitting in some darting or PvP in those moments when I can. I (and I suspect a bunch of other players) don’t have time for full campaigns with alliances and/or temporary teams, and yet now Ludia’s gone and made it a requirement if I want to achieve the daily tasks.

This works just as well for me as the “matchmaking” for PvP… only more time-consuming. Anyone else feel this way?

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You dont have to be in an alliance so that didn’t bother me so much, but what has me worried is I’m a completionist.
I’m worried that campaign missions wont count once completed.
It probably will/should, but things don’t always work out the way you expect with Ludia.

You don’t need to be in an alliance to do the campaign, and in fact everyone should do the campaign, as it awards a ton of coins and good DNA. When I started my little alt account, the campaign helped me unlock a bunch of creatures very quickly.

Some people tested it today, and previously-completed campaign levels do count for that new daily mission, @W1ckety :slight_smile:


As others have said, the Campaign is separate to any Alliances.

I think you’re confusing campaign with raids.

A quick thank-you to all who responded. Been playing the game almost since some of the creatures onscreen actually walked the Earth and I’ve ignored that tab the whole time. Color me (temporarily, please!) stoopid. :slight_smile:

On the plus side, now you have an entire campaign to try, and it gives a lot of great rewards!

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