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Now is the time to stabilize the Arena! — Come on, nerf and make space for other dinos!

We can’t have it like this!

The dinos don’t change, people have learned what moves to make and how to predict the opponent.

The strategies are dead, everyhing is about speed and raw power.

We need to see new dinos in the arena!

How could more dinos be playable and relevant?!

  1. Shrink the damage output from ex. Chompers.

  2. Redefine the Swap-in-rampage.

Examples from upper arenas:

  • 4000-5000 damage on first move
  • 2600-3000+ damage DIRECT (If you need)

Total: Around ~8000+ damage in 2 direct moves.

Example 2.

  • Start with Thor above, give away 4000-5000 damage om first turn.
  • Swap in and make around 3200+
    Damage more

Total 8000+ damage in 2 moves.

The combinations for making extreme amount of damage are to simple! :x:

Example 3.

  • Start out with Procera, giving 90% reduction.
  • Offer 4000 damage
  • Swap to a swap-in-rampage for another 3000+ damage.
  • 2 moves = 7000 damage.

We are frustrated.

What can we do?!


I don’t really mind Thor. But as long as there’s Draco lurking in the shadows, ANYTHING is a threat as long as it can deal some damage 1st turn.


This damage does mean that many other playable creatures don’t have a chance.

I won’t give any specific examples.

But the damage itself need some kind of control, that’s why many players using dinos with distraction and even using DC.

By slowing the damage, we slowing the playstyle and people don’t need to prepare a team for being attackt by huge monsters.

As I see it.

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You bring Thor’s counters and Thor’s not a problem. The rest can be dealt with easily. But for Draco there’s Smilocephalo and Phorusaura, both probably will get nerfed, so I’m not investing in them. I doubt Thor’s the reason they use DC. Someone can hit a critter once with Stegodeus’ rampage, or Paramoloch’s shielding strike, and then drop a mostrous DC on whatever you had out there that wasn’t a Tryko or Dioraja.


I see your point.

To use the counters, we are left with a hand full of dinos.

I mean, by having more personal options what to play, the area becomes more variated.

As now, we bring counters for other counters and everyone bring 1 of 2 different playstyles.

I would like to see Gigaspika in the arena, or Gorgosuchus or Stygidaryx.

If the best, tyrants, was a bit less powered, more of the lower dinos could be used in the battles aswell.

Haven’t dealt too much with Thor, but I agree about the other two. They need to be nerfed, so we can just move on.

I don’t really agree with this Idea. I don’t see how Thor and other chompers are even a problem. Thor for exemple loses a great amount of matchups and is well balanced, It does not require any nerfs. The only reason It can sometimes destroy teams is because in those cases It is overleveled and heavily boosted in speed. We know from experience. But even so many times i manage to take It out. So i see no good argument to nerf a dino that is not even that good in this meta.
Now, If you want to reduce damage output, you would have to nerf every creatures’ damage and buff all creatures’ hp. But a nerf specific to chompers is just gonna make them unbalanced.

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You are right! At least Thor dosen’t have regeneration or immunity.

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I’ve seen Stygidarys several times before in Aviary. The thing is a beast when used against tanks, and it even causes trouble to my Erliko-family critters.
I’ve fought Gorgosuchus too. It’s still around, and still hits hard.
Gigaspika I’ve rarely seen it, and it’s weak. If they buffed it, could probably be more desired by players.

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But isn’t the point of the grind to obtain the strongest dinos? If easier to make creatures are as strong as the tyrants then where’s the reward for our efforts? I like variety too, but i want more new hybrids in the poll of really strong dinos to choose, not nerf every tyrant so they are as weak as the rest. Though i agree daryx could get more love.

If you focus on building a team of tanks, Example: Tryko, Dioraja and Monostego.

Those dinos are used to survive overlevled speeders.

Those tanks suffer hard when meeting a overboosted Thor. If the battle chose you 3 tanks and 1 semi-speed, that could be a 0-3 lose.

You have prepared good, made a balanced team, but your tanks suffer from that raw power.

But that’s exactly the point of Thor, to beat tanks. Nothing wrong with that. If you make a tank only team it’s not balanced and will be beaten by chompers. And again, nothing wrong with that.

And then again, as you said, it’s overboosted. That player chose to invest on Thor. It’s not a problem with the dino itself. And sometimes we are just unlucky when rng chooses our team.

I just got matched right now with this, and this is how my match went (note: they started with Thor):

I would more say ”the smartest dinos”.

As I see it, a strong dino is a well balanced dino who could be good in more than 1 situation.

I LOVE the Erlikospyx, who is a multitool. Bleed, distract, precise rampage. But players chose to not use it and then I ask why?

As I see it, the problems come when to many poweful dinos have do few counters. To having a perfect setup against a Erlidom you need a tank. To meet a bleeder you can’t use the tank.

Maby more dinos could have more variated skills to make a more variated arena…?

I agree with that. I would like more new strong creatures. But i won’t enjoy a nerf to already existing dinos. That would just make them be replaced and kill variety anyways.

I still see people using It, and i love It too. Though i think that It should get a buff in hp and damage after erlidom got It too. It gets a bit overshadowed by It.

That is true, unless you’re talking about Thor. Honestly, i don’t think there are any dinos without counters in the game right now. Though there are a few with very few counters.

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Just above, we see an Erlikospyx doing some vermin extermination.


Thor isn’t an issue. It’s already one of the worst uniques out there. Nerf DC though, even though Ludia will never do anything to harm their precious DC.


They will nerf Monomimus instead though.

I want them to nerf it again and again as a running gag.

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