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Now is the time to stabilize the Arena! — Come on, nerf and make space for other dinos!

Ummm… okay.
But no matter the changes that are made everyone is going to use the 8 best dinos, learn what moves to make, and predict their opponents… immediately.
It doesn’t change anything. Most are more adaptable than you think.


Arena is essentially rocks, paper, scissors… theres moves and rng stuff but essentially its rocks,paper, scissors and draco. And Ludia clearly wants to keep that simplicity for their casual players who make up the majority of the playerbase.

If you play paper and your opponent plays scissors… you lose. That doesnt mean paper is weak or scissors are op. It means you played the wrong dino.

You get rid of draco… and its a buff to speedsters and an indirect nerf to thor. And it also helps tanks cause more speedsters… which helps bleeders/chompers.

Draco is the issue.


But if the base consist of a toplist of 15 or 20 tyrants, the arena would be a lot different.

Why are we happy to have just so few dinos to chose from?

If they introduced 2 more tyrants every months I woulden’t say anything. But same dinos we now have, we have had for a loooong time. According to this, I think we should include more Legendaries. If more powerful end-dinos would come, I woulden’t have any problem.

How would you improve the base of viable dinos?

Great post, once again.

Probably people chose the easiest dinos to boost. Those who makes most impact and damage and having most speed.

Maby people are happy playing same dinos as everyone else?

I just want it to be more meaningful to hunt dna. As it it now, the dna we hunt have very little impact. Mostly because what dna we find, don’t have any dinos who are playable in the upper arenas.

I enjoy throwing a bunch of non-meta creatures in a crew. Many opponents have never played them so do not know their moves or what they will do. If you use the same creatures as everyone else, they pretty much know how you are going to play them. Yes, Tryko and some can play little mind games and take some thinking, but creatures like Thor and the other ‘regulars’ pretty much have a routine everyone is going to use.

The varied crew can backfire though. If my opponent has all the perfect counters picked, I go down in flames. I played a crew of heavyweights today and had two matches time out. I ran into opponents who had theirs picked also. It was battle of the beasts: shields, digging in, small counters, distractions… We just could not do much damage to each other. I switched up to speedsters, Erliko, Phorusaura, Quetso, Spinota, Spinonyx and the like. Had a few very interesting battles, and, got my incubators!

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Thanks for replay.

I understand your feeling.

I don’t know why I always want to stay in the top, while more fun and variated battled happening in the lower arenas.

Have always having a dream of building a 100% distraction deck. With perfect combinations of swap-in moves and ordinary ones. The eternity battles! :pray:

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Thor is fine the way she is. Dracocera is the problematic one. It needs a serious monomimus type nerf. Proceratomimus is tolerable and can be killed in one shot easily.

draco is fine… least of my concerns… this is the crap that ludia needs to get rid of…

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your examples dont really apply. the damage output would be wasted. in this arena in 5800 area youll see a better balance. youll see where mistakes were done with boosts… youll see strong teams with balanced dinos and weak teams with one or two strong but they will pay for that later. either way, its good combat up here.

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How dare you? I don’t want Ludia getting rid of those beautiful creatures :laughing:


I dont think his problem was the creatures… but rather some of their levels…

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It was a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Maby those players who where in upper arenas in boost 1.0 payed TONS of money to having boosts?

Meaning, the balance you sence is because same players got a lot of boosts back in 2.0

The average players, maby free players, have less boosts and then feel the pain a lot worse?

Meaning. Those players who haven’t payed is getting more frustrated because the gap between players is growing.

  1. Players could play in 1.0 in more or less equal grounds. Boosts was avaliable and cheep to afford.

  2. More players have a hard time getting boosts and starting a trend to max-boost 1-3 dinos. This causing unbalanced teams and worse matchmaking.

  3. Balanced teams are made by players who could afford spending boosts equaly in the team. Those players are in their own bubble.

  4. The community is too small. So the area between 5000-5500 is filled with different kind of players. The smooth overlaping from going over to next state by having a better team based on dna dosen’t happend.

To me thor or DC or other dinos are not a big problem (besides Ido G2 cautious strike move, lol); the problem is boosts mainly speed boosts.

I am willing to say nerf magna (though my magna is level 30 too just now) as my awesome (level wise) team couldn’t take out level 30 Magna with 1919 (or similar attack), lots of HP and 152 speed. I took out his 1x dino, and other almost dead when magna came in and then my all 3 dinos are gone (I didn’t had my maxima picked-up) but with the rampage moves even tanks can’t do much against magna and when speed is much higher than your speedsters.

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90% of this problem is the existence of boosts. Been said plenty of times tho.

I could probably be ok with boosts being staggered by rarity level tho. Uniques don’t get any. Legendaries a few, Epics a few more, and so on. That would seem to me to open the potential pool in the arena as well as fulfilling the ‘customisation’ idea the devs originally stated.

No nerfs to magna please, we had many buff magna threads in the past for a reason, can be countered, it’s fine as It is.


This kind of system takes away the reward for all the grind we do for uniques.

I love how 1.7 buffed a lot of bad uniques, and some bad legendaries. Maybe we should do that again, but with a mix of nerfing some op ones.


I’m sure everyone will agree with me here, change it’s kit entirely. Remove swap in rampage and give it some good stats and moves. Give it back swap in Stun. It should be a budget utarinex, where it deals a lot of damage but dies…


I hate this thing with a passion. This thing needs a nerf in health, and attack. It’s way to op for an epic, maybe give it distracting Impact instead…


This thing isn’t OP, but with boosts, it’s op. Let’s not be to harsh on Thor, maybe just yknow… reduce its speed and attack.


It pains me to say it, but my 2nd fav Dino could use a small nerf. It’s not broken, but a lot of people say it is, and just want it nerfed. I love Utahsinoraptor for its design and kit, so I’m not gonna go to harsh… reduce its armour to 10% and a small health nerf.


Best Dino in the game, it seems like it could be the thing of the current immune meta. Like spinotasuchus was on everyone’s team in 1.5, And was the king of the bleed meta. Ardentismaxima would be the king of the immune meta, so it could get a direct health nerf, nothing to bad. Surroundings around it should change however.


Trykosaurus has been the ultimate dinosaur forever. I don’t mind it staying, because it’s a pain to get, but well worth it. If it was to Recive a nerf, it shouldn’t be nerfed out of the meta, just nerf it’s health.

Indoraptor Gen2 has op stats for a legendary, it could do with a nerf


Indo2 doesn’t matter if it’s a legendary bc it’s a superhybrid too, his stats are fine.
Utasino it’s not broken at all, people say it is bc does a lot of raw damage which is that the point the niche he has.
Lastly yoshi being the best epic hybrid doesn’t say much since in every rarity there is a best dino.

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The only nerf I wouldn’t mind of seeing is for thor. So tired of those over boosted beasts. Everybody has it and most of the time they are lvl30 and rest of the team is lvl20-25. Draco and procera are fine, no issue dealing with them. I haven’t seen any over boosted ones and when they are lvl28-30 the rest of the team is usually in that range too.