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Now is the time to stabilize the Arena! — Come on, nerf and make space for other dinos!

I was being sarcastic, I of-course don’t want it too. Magna is perfect currently.

I was saying that even with boosts magna can be same as what OP said about Maxima.

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In what arena are you playing? @TheNumenor

Thanks for replay.

My philosophy is, more dinos we have to use, better it is.

If comapring with other games, example a first-shooter, or fornite, those games have a map that’s shifting so players don’t feel they always are on the same place.

This game is always on the same place. In the same room. And now also with same dinos.

After a while JWA becomes a bit claustrophobic.

Somewhere the game have to change to not become to static.

If we can’t change the arenas.
If we can’t change the map.
Then all we can change is the relationship to the dinos.

No it doesn’t. Impact of a unique might be lessened, but it is entirely negated with boosts at present as it is the boosts that matter. Besides, the system wouldn’t remove uniques better movesets, or necessarily mean lower levels could be boosted to easy parity with endgame dinos.

Far rather scrap boosts, mind.

It’s way to op. It’s a TYRANT. It’s been op ever since it was released in 1.6, now it’s just crazy.

So the problem again is that it’s an epic but if it was a legendary or unique would be fine…

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Thor is fine, you said It yourself, overboosted. Not a problem with the dino.

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People just want the way it is.

But I got really tired of DC issue so said her bye despite having potential on level 26.
Now my team is composed by:

AlanKylo 24
indoraptor 26 (27 if had coins)
Thor 26 (27 if had coins)
Stygdrix 22
Magna 23
Edmontoguana 27
Zor 24
Touramoloch 26

As trophies aren’t as important for me as before I just wanted to give a chance to those non-meta dinos wich are working far more well than I expected.

Have many SIA combinations though I know I am a bit unprotected against big chomps.

I still prefer to see me losing now the way I lose (long matches, different strategies, rivals quite surprised…) Than before when I based my team just on final power output…

Maybe purrutaurus 24 is coming again to the team in 1 month when reaches level 26.

Still have speed issues…

No dino should be able to be faster than other originally faster.
This way the game loses is sense

Let’s nerf DC!

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Mansion. But why does it matter?

No. That’s not the problem. It would also be to OP for a legendary to. Even if it was unique, it doesn’t matter. It just needs a nerf, just accept how OP it is.

Because you probably don’t have a personal experience of how to play in the later arenas.

You can relate to the boosts problem, but haven’t seen or battled against those level 30s.

Between your arena (mansion) and 5500+ is probably around 10-12 months daily grinding of dna.

So just saying ”here we go again” is just mehh. Have a own look at the problem or try to understand it.

I can not accept that bc it’s not so much op as you say it is. Yoshi HAS counters and enough of them.

I have been to the top 3 arenas. This season I am staying in Gyro Depot because of Ludia’s incompetence.

The biggest problem to me is people whining about boosts and Dracoceratops. The clowns overboostings Draco cannot always get it. When they do maybe they get a certain place then get kicked down.

I hate talk about nerfs and whining. Just get on with it, I am on a losing streak because I suck. Nothing to do with OP dinos. I made mistakes and I own up to them. I chose the wrong dinos to boost, wrong strategy to play and style.

Variety of dinos is already there. There are what 20 dinos to choose from. We cant expect Apato to be the same viability as IndoR G2. All Ludia has to do is to give a few immunities to Utarinex, Diloracherius and the 2 God tanks.

I have seen these from the top 100.

IndoR G2
Suchomimus (weird one)

There are a lot to choose from. The few that should be given special immunities are lik Gigaspika, Nodopatotitan, Spinotasuchus and Meglosuchus. Stigydarax and Tuoramoloch need to be changed somehow.


I have noproblem with Thor until I see overboosted one with 132 Speed and Crits on every single hit 3-0 my entire team xd Dracoceratops is a huge problem, there is no counterplay against it, its just unfair and unsatisfying to play against and Indo gen 2 with its basic strike is a pin in the, last time a lvl 21 nearly 3-0 my entire team (26 lvl each dino) and dont say about how easily dinos can be countered when your team is selected randomly:-)

For what, To get Maxima?

DC is the main problem that doesn’t let people counter Thor. Thor counters are usually squishy, distracting speedsters (Spyx, Utarinex, Utasino, Magna). Erlidom with some luck can even be slow as a snail and still take Thor down, but if you don’t draw it and use it at the right time…


You can’t say it like that.

This is the reason WHY I made this topic.

Please have a look at shooter-game.
You could there use different charactrers to play. Everyone have specific skills who are exclusive for that one. Already from the game start, you have weapons who you unlocked while you progress, when you getting better, you earn better weapons.


(Picture from Link:

What I want to say:

  • There should be equaly good dinos, whatever you choose, you should have a good set up for the rest of the avaliable and playable dinos in that range.

  • You can’t say you made the mistakes. You maby hunted for grypo in months! Then boosting it! And then spending tons of time and effort/money — and now you can’t play with it! Why accept that?

Even Magna!