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Now is the time to stabilize the Arena! — Come on, nerf and make space for other dinos!

I see what you’re getting at, but everyone makes mistakes to some extent when it comes to dinos. There is a level of risk with every boost and every level up. Short term vs. long term. The nerf bat can hit at any time. OR it may never come (Dracoceratops)
If it weren’t for continually changing dinos I’d be bored. I can see the appeal of a risk free game, but it’s not for me and this game is not it. This game is about long term adaptability. How well you can roll with the punches.
You’re trying to change the game to your liking rather than find a game you like.

I see only two things that needs to be nerfed. First is cautious strike. Distraction, dodging and cleansing can be related to its name, but not speed up. Also Indo g2 has Mutual fury that can speed it up. No other speedster has two speed up moves. Taking speed up away from Cautious would balance Indo g2.

Second nerf should be made to speed boosts. Speed should be boosted only 1 point per level, so max would be 20. This way chompers like Thor wouldn’t be able to outspeed fastest speedsters. Also this would partially solve problem of overboosted speedsters as slower speedsters would need tier 4 or 5 to outspeed fastest ones.

Fact is that most people will play 8 best creatures no matter how many other relevant ones we have. Most of those people plays that 8 creatures in same way 90% of time. Thats why many use DC, cause they need a crutch to win games, when they face smarter opponents.

Yea, and most of them are really hard to get! It is beat by Gemini, maxima, smilonemys. All 3 are uniques. Hard to get ones. I have Indoraptor Gen2 which does well against procera, but it’s kinda underlevelled… I still use it and I love it. It IS op, just accept it. Your acting as if it’s a mid/high apex Dino. Well no. It is OP and just accept it needs a nerf! Accept your precious green chicken is OP.

I’d like to add this, give buffs to these guys:

Monostegotops (give it nullification back plz)

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Monomimus i dun think is relevant. Its hybrid should be buffed.

Stygidaryx and IndoR OG should be given better movesets. IndOG should have Cautious Strike.

Tragodistis maybe should be immune stun or decel.

Quetzorion is fine as is. Its now immune distract so its power enough.

MonoStego too.

So start a petition, bombard them with constructive emails about how it needs changed, go on strike!

Err I didn’t say anything goodbye🤪

There reason i don’t accept it’s so much op it’s bc i have fight a lot of them and i usually beat them quite easy. The moveset yoshi has is just to predictable.

Let’s nerf Yoshi and dc

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Why stop there? Let’s Nerf every thing! Nothing will be safe from the nerfs N O T H I N G