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Now Recruiting ACTIVE Players


I am currently recruiting very active players to join my awesome alliance. We welcome all levels and trophy counts, but I can not stress enough that you must be active by our definition of active. That means daily battling, requesting, donating, and darting. No disrespect to the casual player, but this would not be the alliance for you. Our biggest need is people who battle daily whether friendly, arena, or both! We finished 13th in the Alliance Rush and always complete Rank 5 for Exploration. Our weakness is the Battle requirement for Rank 5 in Defense, and I’ve pinpointed some players who aren’t helping achieve our goal. We’re looking for people who will help fulfill that goal. It isn’t about that extra 100 Concave DNA, it’s just about being able to say WE DID IT! Social folks who will chat in the app and/or the Facebook group/messenger I’ve created are preferred. A lot of communication goes in to working together to achieve the alliance goals. I’ll admit, the expectations are lofty, but all the hard workers deserve other hard workers. Anyone out there ready to be part of something awesome?!


I’m in this alliance also, so that should tell you all how great it is.


What is the name of your alliance…thinking of leaving mine for more active players.


+1 for a super cool alliance that works hard and has an awesome leader!


Alliance name is Kelliance …geddit :).

Anyways, I can also vouch that DadJokes is in the alliance, and currently sitting in #1 spot. But for how long?


Probably just until I battle again lol


Hi, do you accept new recruit now or wait till next mission begin? I’m thinking of leaving my current alliance because it’s not active enough and stingy with donation. I’m at 2k trophy now (drank) but usually stays at 4,5k ish. I play fairly active daily.


Thanks to everyone for their interest. I have made my selections for this time around and will keep others in mind next time it’s time for changes. Cheers!