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Now that books have bonus limits

Can we get a cookie and have their time limits increased a bit? I mean, they are finite anyways. It would be a good trade-off imho.

Yeah, people will be able to wait for an extra event here and there to get an extra benefit, but even so I don’t think it will have a huge impact on players gains because most people’s time schedules. That would make gem investment in books more worthy for those to choose to invest on em. I don’t think this suggestion would have an impact in Ludia’s income because that extra event people may get here and there, since there’s a limit set for the books already. On the other hand, maybe people will be even more interested in purchasing books if this change gets in.

What ya fellas think about this?

Sorry, my English is rusty.

Regards and good game to all.

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The changes they made will make people buy way less books. It’s simply not worth it. For instance even the 3h gold book, it has a 3k cap on it. That’s literally 1 secret room in lightfinger or one roll of 17. They nerfed them so far into the ground it’s simply not worth the gems imo. Gold is easy to make once at a certain level. The gem trade off isn’t worth it.

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Agreed @Kingoffarts. I tested the 1-hour gold spellbook yesterday, and as anticipated, it expired after one challenge.

I really enjoyed the spellbooks prior to the update. However, I should have foreseen this change as it conforms with the Ludian ambivalence toward features and changes favorable to the player.

If i remember correctly one of the devs made a statement along the lines of “yes the spellbooks are being changed but now we will be able to offer them more often” as if thats somehow a good thing. Offering me something thats not of value everyday doesnt make it more valuable than offering me something once a month that is valuable. I am not sure why they capped the gold on the gold books. You would think they would have done it like the weekly events where you get like 6 total runs and whatever you get it what you get. So a 1h book should be 6 runs and a 3h book should be 18 or 20 runs. that would have made much more sense. The 1k and 3k cap on the books have literally made them almost useless. The one hour book is probably better than the 3 hour book right now. Either book is going to max out after one roll of 17 or one secret room. So the one hour book is actually a better value than the 3h one the way it currently is.


The answer for gold cap is simple: if they let gold uncapped, people would not buy gold from store anymore. In comparison with store offers, book of gold vs raw gold purchase is still a good deal. Ofc you have to work for it, but as people already said, a run at lightfinger nets you that amount.

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do people even buy gold in store? I never have, the higher lvl you get the easier gold is to obtain as well. The exchange rate of gems for gold is awful, gems are worth way way more and harder to obtain and gem items are always expensive. They could triple the rate in the store and buying gold with gems would still be a bad deal.

The fact that you never did doesn’t mean that other people don’t, but I’m sure you know that. I’m pretty sure a good portion of the playerbase haven’t touched lightfinger yet, and is from those people that Ludia is able to maintain the servers up, not the ones able to farm lightfinger consistently at 5 min runs. Besides, the book gem value to in comparison to instant purchases is better, and of course they can’t just lift the limits for people like those who are already at the top be able to hoard millions and millions of gold.

I would love more gold per books, don’t get me wrong. I just think they have a solid reason based in their logic to cap em as they did.

I fully understand the game has to make money and relies on people who impulse buy things or who dont want to spend the time farming and would rather pay. All that said the changes to the gold books in particular make no sense at all with how they are. While most people have not unlocked lightfinger its safe to say that a decent portion of people have unlocked at least Harvestshield. One 17 roll in harvestshield would max out the one hour book. Even the 3 hour book is maxed out with one 17 roll in Harvestshield. that makes no sense at all. As someone who was able to take major advantage of the books this nerf hurts only it went to far imo. I think the better route would have been like i said where a 1h book is instead 6 runs and done and a 3h book is 20 runs and done…3 day book i would have to do the math but it could be similar. As it stands now the book is pretty crappy not just to top tier players but even middle of the road players…As a side note to all of this never ever use gems to buy gold, its a bad move. You will get so much more out of your gems buying legendary packs or even these nerfed books than you would using gems for gold. Its just a bad transaction.

I concur with @Kingoffarts’s assessment. I have never seen the purchasing of gold discussed in a favorable light. The gems are a far more valuable commodity. A player would need to be desperate to entertain such an unfavorable conversion. As such, I do not foresee the current spellbooks caps having a positive impact on the developer’s bottom line.

Instead the addition of these unwanted limits is another illustration of the development team lacking a rudimentary understanding of how such alterations impact user behavior and attitudes. It is another perplexing and extemporaneous change which has negatively impacted user satisfaction.

[Edit: The problem with these decumbently low caps seems too obvious. The Ludians cannot be this shortsighted. Perhaps the spellbook limits were added to avert players attention away from other aspects of the update.]


what Orloch said only i tried to use $1 words and he used $3 ones :slight_smile:


Well, 15 gems + time (totally negligible in this case, as you guys already said) for 1k gold or 60 gems for 1k gold = reasonable to me (again, not as a buyer), having their rates as starting point, applying the logic used by them. The gold per gem value only increases as you get bigger books.

I’m not sure, but no one here would let that wizard staff for 40k gold go away, right? Most would not let it pass even if it’s being offered for 2k gems. So tell me, if 4.5k gems = 100k gold and you don’t have enough gold, but you have enough gems to get the 100k pack, would you let it pass to have a chance every 2 weeks to get it because you have an extra chance for 500 more gems? If you do, you are not the people Ludia wants to please at all. Regarding the rates, I’ll go further: buy the 800 gems book, farm the cake out of it wherever you see fit and have enough gold to get the item offered when it appears for expending 800 gems, and have 10k gold as change. There are pros and cons for every approach, but people that aren’t able to farm for extended periods of time or don’t want it/aren’t able to do efficiency/don’t have enough knowledge about the game, but have the available resources at the moment an offer appears consider these kind of tradeoffs.

Lastly, I was not trying to open a debate if the nerf was fair or not - I was asking if: having a starting point that books are now the way they are and they will not change, it would be positive if the devs increase the expiration time on em.

Sorry if some words may sound rude, but my lack of skill with English limitates me a bit when formulating ideas. If someone feel offended with my arguments, please don’t, because it wasn’t my intention to offend anyone.


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I’m not offended. It’s just a game and we are just expressing ideas about how they have implemented changes and how it effects each of us. I’m aware being a high end player things are different for me than lower or mid range people and that if ludia doesn’t make a profit then the game goes away. My main gripe is just that they made the first two books almost worthless imo. The 3 day book is debatable. For higher end players it’s not that great but lower and mid range people it’s probsbly got some value


I agree on very rare occasions a player may not have enough gold to buy an item, yet the same player has enough gems available to purchase the necessary gold. While I have never experienced this situation, I do agree it could occur.

This would be the variety of desperate situation to which I was referring. However, this situation would rarely occur as gold is much easier to accumulate than gems, particularly for VIP players.

Additionally, while it may not be possible for some, I would likely farm any outstanding gold prior to the offer expiring. I find this preferable to needlessly consuming gems.

As to your question about extending the spellbook expiration time. There may be some merit to this for a small percentage of players. However, I anticipate the vast majority of players who can afford the requisite gems to buy the spellbooks will easily consume them within minutes.

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