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Now that lockdown trial was quite hilarious

You are only allowed to use creatures with lockdown. Against gallimimus which is immune to lockdown. At least I got a lvl 22 sarcorixis to handle the 2 critters, but still…


Just goes to show they don’t know their own game anymore.

It’s like this week they have Lockdown + Immune yet nothing is immune anymore, but they still have the same incubators in the immune strike towers.

You would have thought with such big changes in 2.0 that they’d bother to update their weekly events.


Or maybe it’s meant to get you to use creatures you might not otherwise use?

Against something that is immune to what the creature you’re told to use is meant for? In this case swap prevention. The game puts a creature immune to swap prevention in a trial where you’re meant to use swap prevention to win. At least Dimetro Gen 2 isn’t immune to it anymore.

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Dude the whole point of them and getting you to chose a lockdown dino or stun dino is because the opponent AI can be affected by them.

Honestly, I know you stick up for Ludia 99% of the time, but that was a real stretch you made there.

I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate on this one.

Not really. There would be a reason for it, even if it was just the idea I put out there. People give them a hard time and I don’t always agree, but there is a reason why they do what they do,

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Yeah there’s always a reason, even if it’s simple incompetence, like the mistakes on advertisements.

But you’d think that if they made such a major change on movesets in 2.0 and took out immunity from the game that someone in the organisation would have thought we should change the weekly line-up because nothing is immune anymore.

As for you comment about maybe it’s to get you to use other creatures you wouldn’t normally use then yeah that’s fine, i’m sure it does do that, but they STILL chose to pick an option like Lockdown against a creature that cannot be locked down.

It makes sense to do it against something that can be locked down right… so you can’t use the excuse of “it’s to get you to use something you don’t normally use” when they chose those specific creatures/movesets.

I understand you don’t always agree with people giving them a hard time, but I don’t always agree with over looking their obvious mistakes and pretend they’ve done it for other secret reasons.

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If there’s any defense to use for this, I think it would be the following:
While you’re forced to use lockdown ability critters, the addition of an anti-lockdown creature as an opponent would teach newbies that some creatures are immune to swap prevention.
But I’m not even sure Ludia intended this.


Like last time with the stun on the Full gold trial edapho was there and it’s immune to stuns

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Ludia may seem incompetent but that’s because this game is super hard to handle. They do well in basically every other game they have, especially JWTG. Have you forgotten that they have a map of the whole world in their game with dinos, striketowers which have battles in it, supply drops, sanctuaries, a whole arena, tourney, tourney leaderboard, normal leaderboard, tourney alliance leaderboard, evey alliance section, shop, etc. I coudl go on and on. They might seem incompetent but that’s because this game is so huge that they can’t handle everything. Be lucky this isn’t EA. I’m not saying that they never make mistakes but cut some slack.


No thanks, I have every right to voice my opinion about them.

The amount of mistakes made on their promotions and weekly schedules have nothing to do with how big and complex the game is. All that needs is a proof-reader.

Selecting which dinos to face against lockdown creatures isn’t complicated either. All I see in your big paragraph is excuses.

That map is made by google… updated by google…the towers, sanctuaries, the supply depots are generated by a system that is literally on every app that uses the google map ar platform…

“New Maps APIs turn existing geographical features like buildings, roads, and parks into Unity GameObjects so that developers can just focus on customizing the environment to fit the look and feel of their game.”

Outside of their fantastic art team… Ludia doesnt have to mess with the map much really they pay google for that. Leaving the rest of their Jwa team to work on bug fixes and stats and events. Not to mention there still bring in around 2 mil per month for this game. So its not like they dont have revenue to under pay some more staff.

Ok, I just meant that they had to invoke it in their game and it is still a lot to handle with all the stuff on it. There is prob millions of supply drops, Sancs, billions of Dino’s and thousands of strikes

No not really. Do you want to put strike towers, supply drops and creatures on an entire map of the whole world. @Evicton. Luisa might not make the map but it’s still a lot to handle with all the stuff on it.

They are not excuses. They are facts. Have you ever made a game so stop whining. I can’t change your opinion but Luisa isn’t horrible.

Be lucky EA doesn’t control this game. You thot that Ludia only cares about money until you looked at them. Battlefront just got good and they shut it down right after that. Jwa wouldnt even be supported anymore if it was them. Meaning now updates.

Given the time it took to add some creatures from the 2nd year into the events I wouldn’t be expecting the tower opponents/rewards to change any time soon …