Now that Megahybrids are a thing, what would you like to see?

With the release of Ankylo lux and Alberaspino I’ve been thinking about how many crazy hybrids we could have. I wander, will we ever get a creature with two hybrid components? :thinking:

I’ve been playing around with some ideas of my own and thought it would be cool to see what you can envision. There are SO many possibilities - they’re are ENDLESS. I’m very excited :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some of mine so far (I’ve only just started):

Some of the kits could be adjusted, these are just the initial idea. I also would like to do some art, will update if I do.

Oh and how on earth does Alankylosaur still NOT HAVE A HYBRID? It’s been a year and so much has happened, yet… :pensive:


Its been three years since alanky :man_shrugging:


Lol for them stop, I rather feel like I could finish my hybrid line instead of having to see what dna I have to share now that like these two become a new hybrid. Cause like there are many hybrids that still need supers and instead ludia is taking already cemented Dinos and giving them hybrids


alanky really needs a HYBRID, i was so fricking sad that it lost the vote and fricking ugly indotarus won


Yeah. It’s crazy. I’ve searched nearly every release eagerly but nope. I thought Stigydarex was going to be lol.

Welcome back!

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I missed that poll. But they always feel rigged.

So since super hybrids can have hybrids… i want a gigaspika+gemini hybrid (it would have two heads)

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Looks like majority of the playerbase just likes the indom family huh


While I agree, clearly that is not happening lol. I would love a more even distribution of hybrids where some from every few patches gets a new one instead of focusing on the newer ones. Maybe a rotation of some sort, but that would remove some of the randomness. :man_shrugging:

I just know there are better ways. Stop forgetting about dinos guys!

“Oh yeah!” nerfs the previously forgetten dino

This would be my most wanted apex hybrid to be added, for a few reasons.

1: It’s the only apex hybrid I’d be close to getting.
2: It’s made using my favorite creature in the game.
3: The design would look amazing.
4: It makes Edaphocevia useful.


im guilty of that. i didnt vote in the poll, but I love indom. I don’t know, I think itś just cuz I grew up with jw like some people grew up with jp. Also, the whole game basically started with indom, so it kinda makes sense. On the bright side for you, the indom line is probably done unless they make a mega hybrid, 3rd hybrid or gen 3. all are prob unlikely except maybe mega hybrid.

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I liked it because of how much an improvement its design was over the current indom. Now that Indotaurus is released, I actually think its a better creature for the game as a whole than anything else in the poll, including Alankyloceratops. Why add another resilient into a resilient/cunning-fierce meta when an actually good pure fierce could be added instead?

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I’d like to see hybrids/superhybrids for Dimodactylus, Alankylosaurus, Procerathomimus, etc. No more mega-hybrids (at least no more non-Apex ones) until the older dinos get some love! Plus I don’t like feeling unsafe leveling any unique above level 25.


Actually Alankyloceratops and Scutomoceros and Tsintamoloch were said to be Wild Card but i respect your opinion

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Ah yes, a pure fierce. Surely dodge and vulnerability are purely fierce aren’t they. Not even including cleansing rampage that can cleanse everything.
Yeah, I think it’s the purest fierce we could have gotten.

Marsupial Lion, Purussaurus, Dracoceratops:

Let’s be honest, Indot acts almost exactly like Indom, just with cleanse, an on escape, and a counter. May as well call it pure fierce if it doesn’t act like the other classes.


Plus, I guess Ludia decided to say it’s a pure fierce and so it is.

Indominus panicking moment