Now that’s a challenge

Que the complaining :joy:



Omg dude, rofl! :joy::rofl:
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nice something to look forward to today

Already did it why my indoraptor i dodged everything xd

Won’t hear me complain. I am always up for a challenge. Only time I ever complained on the forums was when Ludia did the whole spoofer self report, and giving them their money back.

image image image image image image image

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Any tips for an intermediate player? Never faced an indo before so I’m a bit hesitant about doing it. What sort of attacks does it use?

That was a tough one.

Edit: Indo is scary af

Wow, funny.
Seems just not impossible for me.:thinking:
Might go for it later.

What member of your team did you open with?

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His stats should be:
Health: 4558
Damage: 1702
Speed: 128
Critical: 20%
Armor: 0%

That sounds like a decent competition. Not sure if my dinos will be strong enough, but it will be fun trying. Do we get only 1 free attempt again and have to pay afterwards?

What are the best counters for Indoraptor? It might be a bit hard to tell since the Ludia bot is usually choosing his moves randomly. So you will probably never know if he dodges or not. I am considering Stegodeus, Indominus, Tanya and Stegoceratops. Im not having any Indoraptor or Monocegotop yet. And im not trusting my Tragoditis there since he might get killed immediately if im unlucky.

Whats your strategy for the indoraptor asalt? Im level 10 ando i loose the race to the victory and im not sure if i will win this also …

My strategy is to walk on past and go to the Only The Strong tower! :smiley:


You can do it with a bit of luck, and since you really have nothing to lose I’d give it a try. I managed to do it with a lv19 vraptor and a bunch of tanks, but geez, indo is one scary tough dude

So you already try and win? Excelent i will try also with velo 18 and my tanks


Yeah, think I’m super dead on this one.

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These were my guys. Opened with stegodeus and lasted a few turns slowing him down but died pretty quickly, then switched to stegoceratops and managed to stun him once, but was overpowered in pretty much a single hit. While he was stunned I switched to amargo, who died in a single hit, but by the time I picked my raptor, his dodge bs op skill was over and managed to kill him with a pounce.

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All arena was easy and i had never lost 1
i want greater challenge but come on ludia
1 indo kill all my 3 dino 1 shot
pay 200 samething
pay 500 same result
i hit him 4 time on 9 dino

stegodeus lvl 20
indominus rex lvl 19
monostegotops lvl 18
tragodistis lvl 17

try velociraptor to hit 1 time but 1 shoted too event with 50% dom reduction
reward look crappy for that challenge and money

Wasn’t that bad actually only used evasive once remember it’s a bot they’re not smart

image image image image image


Which members of your team did you use?