Now that’s a challenge

You got all the DNA I need, haha

Ugh, I got all the worst DNA for myself right now, lol…


Yeah he is not smart, but using rng. As long as he doesnt dodge first, Stegoceratops should be a nice starter. You can slow him down, then hopefully stun him and give him a 3rd strike. If he does dodge, it might tell a different story. Then Tanya would be a better starter.

I put monostego, tany, stegodeous and stegoceratops on my team monostego slowed, he used evasive I stunned then nullified he hit me once and then he was gone :blush:


I beat him with this team and im not even that good :joy:


Got it after paying for a retry. Probably not worth 200 cash. Even then RNG no skill.

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Stegod to slow him down thinking he would cloak. Instead he just two hit her :joy:

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Yeah. If you have a Mono, then it should be rather easy since dodging wont help him much. Unfortunately i still dont have one. Instead of Mono i would bring in Indominus as my final dino if i get unlucky. He only needs to survive 2 hits (thanks to dodging) and then should finish him off in the end.

What if you nullify with tanya’s, dodge is gone. Does he do another?

Yeah if you are lucky that he dodges while Tanya nullifies him, then you should get a 2nd strike. And maybe even a 3rd one if he uses armor piercing strike only.

I just realized that my Indominus is too weak and could be killed in one move. So i better use Velo in the end who guarantees me 1.760 damage (if Indo dodged before already that is, and needs his Cooldown).

Gotcha… ! :+1:

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My son is low level so I’m thinking anything that’s faster than indo? Maybe plus stego… mostly level 13ish dinos

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Or maybe i bring Suchotator instead to limit the Rng risk. He can slow him down and then either take away the dodge or deadly wound him. Its safer than the Velo or Indominus lottery.

If you are low level you need to be lucky i guess. a mix of tanks (e.g.Stegos) and raptors might help. But if he dodges your son will need to be lucky.

I did it first try.
Velociraptor level 20 to take a chunk out of him (took him to 528) then finished him with Stegodeus level 19, thagomizer followed by rampage.
Hope that helps.

I used my lvl 22 velociraptor and my 16 stegodeus took it down, but got crap from the incubator. No indo dna at all!

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Did you get indo dna?

Nope! Was kinda hoping for that!

It was an epic incubator I don’t think anyone will get indo


Used mono to slow and nullify and V-raptor to one shot the rest. Incubator gave me crap though.

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200 hard cash for epic incubator and some dna for two epics. I think It really is worth it.

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