Now that’s a challenge

Dat amount of Gallimimus :drooling_face:

i’ve got trice gen 2, so sad

He had 248 points of view against my stegosaurus level 16 my attack Did not pass due to are dodge attack I lost to an attack near

Great. I beat him and got rewarded with 3.000 Tarbosaurus DNA. :slight_smile: but i also got some T-Rex to level up my Indominus and some Monolopho to get closer to my Monocego. So im definitely not complaining.

Stegoceratops as a starter was unlucky since he dogded and took only 1 of 3 strikes. But after that my Stegodeus and Tanya did the job just fine.

If he dodges a greater stunning strike or slowing move does it still stun or slow him down?

No, if he dodges he gets no affects from it.

It does slow and may stun even if he dodges, don’t listen to the other guy.

Yes it still stuns/ slows if he dodges

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I panicked a lil when I saw it was level 30… but Vlad, the Monostego, took it out all by his lonesome :ok_hand:t2:


My bad, I thought it only worked if it made contact. Sorry.

I brought in vraptor, monostego, stegod, and stergocera. She killed my monostego because I used nullify instead of deceleration. Brought in my raptor and took a good chunk before getting killed. Then brought in stegod, decelerated and killed!!!
Didn’t get then awesome reward that @Heather did but got some kentro and secondon. Not to shabby!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Used vrap got pounce
Indo with a Small strike
Then he hit dodge
Vrap broke through for small hit
Wasted stego killed
Pounce with pyro


Indoraptor critically hit every one of my dinos. Every. Single. One.

I’ve never lost a strike event before. I actually had to cough up the 200 cash just to buy my dignity back. Figures I beat it with my monomimus, my weakest dino.


This are the attacks of an Indoraptor.
Thought might be useful while selecting your team.
Note: My indoraptor is just level 22. The event raptor would be more powerful and would have larger health!

Tip: Get at least one good dino with nullifying effect on your team in case the raptor goes on evasive stance.
Also, Indoraptor is not immune. Use that to your benefit! E.g: Thagomizer, distracting impact, maybe shield too etc.

I am assuming being a bot, it might not be smart enough to use correct counter move. E.g.: use cleanse when needed, break shield etc.


Opened with Monosteg who brought down the Indo HP about half. Used slow down and then nullify. Next monomimus (I dont think that’s spelled right… :thinking: ) did the rest.

A fun challenge.

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How dare you use logic

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I beat the Indo on my first try, took out Epic Trex (17), Vraptor (17),Tarbo (13) and Epic Bary (13).
The Trex took down the health a good chunk, then the raptor took it down to the 1,600; and finally Tarbo finished it off with 561 of my health remaining…whew! I did taste every single attack on the Indo’a arsenal too.
Happy to get Epic ankylosaur DNA to level up and unlock Concavenator.

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I’m so happy I won this Strike Tower! I’m a non-ViP level 10 and selected Stegosaurus Level 18, Stygimoloch Level 14 (which were down with one hit each, but Stiggy managed to chomp it before death), Irritator Level 17 (which I ended up /not/ needing) and Indominus Rex Level 16…Out of my team, these guys had the highest health! First thing I did with I. Rex was turn thee cloak on…Indoraptor missed TWICE, which allowed me to take it down with the big attack! Level 16 Indominus taking down a level 30 Indoraptor! ^^

Bonus: some of you may know my Spinosaurid hunting, so was EXTREMELY happy that I got to level up my Epic Spino ^^


21 Velociraptor and 21 Stegoceratops did it for me, was lucky though, no dodges.

I put Monomimus Tany and V-rap into my team but only Monomimus21 can beat her.
I got 254 Erliko !! such a great reward for me. My erlidominus will be born soon.

I took it out with a lvl 17 Indominus and lvl 14 Gorgosuchus. Wasn’t too hard at all.