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Now that the 2.1 release notes are out. Is Ardentismaxima worth it?

I needed 30 DNA to finally create it, I had the Secodontosaurus in the sanctuary to get the little remaining DNA that I am missing from one of its components, I have Ardontosaurus and Brachiosaurus at levels 18, I have the coins to upload both and make it possible in a couple of days, but now I have doubts about wasting resources and that later it is useless, as has happened with other creatures in the last update.

It’s not what it used to be, but it’s not terrible either. It could always get buffed again though.


It’s still gonna be ok… But definitely not top tier, if you don’t have so many ressources, I will focus on something else.

If you didn’t have the luck to get plenty of brachi DNA before, it’s definitely not worth is exclusive component.

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It can do 4,800 attack in two hits, pretty impressive especially with the invincibility. It’s still good, just not great. Depends on what uniques you have, if you don’t have many, yes keep creating it.

Yes, its pretty good for a unique. Lots of people are exaggerating the nerf so it can be buffed again. Its not useless.

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Not really top tier anymore, but I’d say it’s at least a bit better than Thor and other bad uniques. Maybe, it’s hard to say. But keep in mind It won’t be winning against all speedsters as It used to. With all the nerfs It may be just slightly better than it’s parent ardonto.
Still, i wouldn’t exactly call It trash.

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The biggest problem with max is the company it now shares as a resilient Dino… resilients strong so even though their are better resilient Dino’s it’s still not a bad choice.

Building a future team of to many resilient Dino’s will be ok in 2.1… but it’s gambling long term… it only takes one patch to have resilient swap spots with cunning or ferocious.

Then that fine 2.1 team becomes a dumpster fire in 2.2.

If you don’t have a better option it’s going to be atleast viable… but if you have the better options keep that in mind… don’t wanna be playing a team of rocks when we switch over to a paper meta.

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Do you really think it won’t be a tyrant anymore?

It will be tyrant again, after ludia nerf gemini again.


I don’t think they will touch Gemini for a while now. They over nerfed it 2 months ago, then when they saw what they had done, they simply slightly corrected their mistake and gave us a month of DNA for our trouble. I guess the fact that it’s the only dino that was used by 47 of the top 50 players 2 months ago, then a week after 2.0 was almost totally gone made them realized on bad they had nerfed it. So, now, I don’t see them touching it again for a while otherwise they would look like fools…

For this patch, definitely not. At most i predict it would be the same tier as ardonto.


Ah, yes, the never ending cicle


Ardentis isn’t gonna be useless, as for some boosts are still on it with nothing to replace it, it will still be alright I think. Although it loses to a lot more matchups, boosts will alter that

If you use boosts, then no, it is not worth it.

Compare it to a simple rare like Gorgosaurus. You can take the recent changes to the rare gorgosaurus with 100% speed reduction resistance, level it to 30 and boost it to 0/11/19, and it would destroy almost everything under a speed of 140 because it cannot be slowed.

Honestly, If you have to use so many boosts for something to be viable then It isn’t really that good in the first place. I’ll be stuck with my maxima and i’ll just have to hope the raid will still work with It. Hopefully Ludia fixes those exagerated nerfs in the future.

As far as I’m concerned, it will simply be like all the other dinos in my team from now on. Instead of pretty much always killing the first dino and often getting one shot in the next one if my opponent picked the wrong starter, it will now win 50% of the time as it should be. So, this game will now go back to being the good old rock paper scissor game, and no longer will be Maxima always kill whatever come first, be it paper/rock/scissor/dinos…


Yes. It won’t be soloing teams anymore, but it is still going to be a monster to deal with, even moreso if you don’t draw anything with a Distraction move.

If you just focus on boosting its health and attack, I’d be willing to bet at level 30 you could still have an Ardentismaxima with over 8,000 health and just over 2,000 attack, which is more than enough to alter the course of the fight imo.


I’m confused about what I’ve read. Is Decel no longer a rampage? If so, its use in raids has been gutted. If not I’ll wait and see.

It’s still a rampage. It probably still works in the mortem raid If you’re willing to dump a looot of health boosts on it

Well, raids are what I care about now. I still gather that it’ll have higher health than Thor, and perhaps still higher than Tenonto, so as long as it can KO the minions and survive to the second big chomp, I’m fine.