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Now that the 2.1 release notes are out. Is Ardentismaxima worth it?

I’d say wait and see. I do not believe it is strong enough for morty raids anymore. It struggled to kill both minions before and died early round 2. So with attack, health and moveset nerfs it just wont cut it.

If you get a crit on both the group decels maybe you can make it but that’s a big if. And it surviving to round 2 will be down to its supporting healers and morty not getting its crits than it’s own health stat. As I say it is a big big if.

In the arena it will now be ok but as it will get demolished by many uniques and some legendaries. But it will also demolish plenty of its current victims as well.

For me it will be replaced once I save enough boosts to get my bench warmers up to scratch. I’ve got enough dinos to pick from just need boost. Might go grypo as that only needs health boost really.

It’ll need to be at a higher level and need more boosts than before, but it should still be a good option against Mortem. It can take out the minions and tank a hit or two, but it won’t be dishing out as much damage as before, so one of its teammates will have to compensate.


terrible nerf from ardentis, never had it, but I will assume that many have lost many power-ups.

Mine is level 27, 14/13/0 for raids (I avoid the arena.) I miiiiiiight be OK, but only just barely.

You might have to max it’s health though