Now that was a challenge


First time I’ve lost an epic strike tower. Managed on the 2nd try. Those pesky birds.


Agree. Redid as well, won the 2nd time


I won on the first go, but barely. Did anyone else find the reward DNA really unrelated?


Yeah I got diplocalus, anky, secondonto and few other commons.


Reward was just a regular epic incubator…i got 270 rex dna


It was two level 30’s. We are used to a single level 30.

I still needed all 4 of my squad.


I got 2 epics (brachi and Erlikosaurus) but I was sort of expecting pteranadon or alanqa. Since, you know, that’s what we fought. Very strange. No complaints though.


If you click on the reward for strike you can see a picture of the incubator your fighting for and get see if its a themed incubator like the last few gold strikes or just a regular one. This one showed a regular epic incubator


Same. I’ve never experienced such a frustrating battle stop.


The level 30 strike events has always been an unrelated incubator… as far as I can remember. When I beat the Indo Raptor one I got none of the components for her, nor were they in the same classes. (Speedy ones/slow heavy hitters)


I actually enjoyed this one tbh. I was shocked when the first epic strike event was a level 26 Charlie


My winning :slight_smile:


Kentro and anky. Wow


I know think it’s the best one I have ever had.


It was ok for me - used up my level 16 Suchotator and 19 Stegoceratops. Didn’t have to use my Gorgo or my Stegodeus. Got lucky with the stuns I guess. Reward was ho-hum. My epics were all Alanqa and Pteranodon. Was hoping for Rex. The others were bleh - Deinocheirus, Bary Gen 2, Einosaurus (this is ok).


Mine was prepretty good as far as epics went. No complaints. Just was expecting epics to be fliers.