Now that we have 2 day gold book in the Valley

Could be get gems (at roll 16) back to the Fens? Rolling 16 there is really annoying, instead of a nice gem reward I get an object that is just a bonus to the most boring base reward.
Similarily when I have to run low-level challenges due to a quest or something else, I feel robbed of 100+ gems when I roll a 16. So if those quests would be limited to some 5 last opened areas would already be an improvement, Getting 16 at Harvestshield is already 75 gems, which is already a lot better than getting 15 or 30 gems when you could have gotten 165.

Hi Zengartor
I hope you get a reply but total silence is the Norm.
What team and gear do you use for best results with mephits and the ice lvls in general?

When I was doing the adventure, I used a ranged team with lots of push and root. But for challenge mode, Tom with epic weapon and Hal with the legendary neck for block gives plenty of defense to minimize mephit damage.

Cheers Chuck … sounds the best shout