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Now that we have...Glowy Dinos

After the events of 2.3, we got Para Lux, a bioluminecent dinosaur. We kinda only got it because its canon, but here are some hybrids it could have.


My theory is that they’ll use the glowy dinos to fuse the existing Apex dinos, like Hadros lux. Hadros Lux mostly resembles a Parasaurolophus, but also has elements of Ouranosaurus (back sail) and Sonorasaurus (head bump thing). So Ouranosaurus and Sonorasaurus could fuse to make a unique or legendary hybrid, which could fuse with Parasaurolophus Lux at level 25 to make Hadros Lux.

probably no craftable apexes
maybe just fusing with existing hybrid legendarys

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If Apexs were craftable, that would mean they could be taken out of rotation so new bosses could be added. But I could go either way on whether not they should be craftable.

I think they should be obtained only thorugh raids, that was the whole point of apexes but i like that they would take em out of rotation, i think 4bosses a day gives us a good ammount of choises for diffrent lvl players so now i think they should start spreading them over the weekend.

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Whatever hybrid that will surely result with this non hybrid Legendary, it will be the hardest one yet to make.

I mean, how many people total have this thing? With enough DNA to create it’s hybrid?

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