Now that we have...Megistotherium

When the last updates came out, we got a whole lot of new stuff. Amphicyonids, Glyptodonts, Hyenadonts, Bioluminescent creatures, Sloths, Eagles, etc.Since we now have hyeanadonts, Why not add some more?

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I hope they take out the dire wolf

Idk but Hyenodon is kinda op cause rending takedown

and mars lion is not op? Andrewsarchus?

Cause it has ferocious strike and swap in Ferocity that why op

Cunning says hello. Also, it would be a good Diplo counter too.

It too much for rare

Ferocious+rending takedown would be too much

M.Lion is literally the best rare, and Andrew is probably the third best. What makes them balanced is that they dont have a ferocious move that allows them to kill anything with a crit

Yeah megisto does in fact have swap in ferocity but still rending takedown would have delay 1 and it has just rending attack anyway

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How about more Cenozoics?

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What about Suchotator?

I meant non hybrid. I think?

Oh ok

10 characters

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