Now that we have more green drops, what dinos do you want to see?


I’m hoping for another round of Gallimimus (since I could actually find some now), Ouranoaurus (since I’m down to 0 with just one more fuse left for the hybrid), and maybe Gryposuchus since I’ve only ever gotten 20 DNA from an incubator.

How about you?


Right now, Gryptosuchus. I’m getting to a point where I don’t believe it actually exists. Never seen one anywhere.


Velociraptor, Gallimimus, Dracorex, Dimetrodon, and definitely Ouranosaurus. :grin:


I saw 3 in total during various commutes, but always too far away to dart. Just got 20 in a 3 hour incubator this morning. Nearly fainted.


Currently most needed commons Monolophosaurus GEN 2, Parasaurolophus, Anylosarus gen 2, Sucomimus have 15k of Galli still would dart :crazy_face:

Rare Utahraptors, Kaprosuchus, Dilophosaurus


Gallimimus, Euplocephalus and Monolopho.

Nodosaurus, Triceratops, Dilopho, Gorgosaurus, and Kapro are most welcome… :blush:


More Irritator. The 24hr one isn’t long enough for 18 attempts, but maybe that will be different now there’s an increase of green drops.


Raja for sure he is a beast and can create 2 beasts even more annoying :heart_eyes:


Gallimimus & Monolophosaurus (I’m so close to starting that hybrid ;_;), Pyroraptor & Irritator (I’m getting close to this one too), T.Rex, and Giraffatitan. In the wild I have seen that walking overgrown tree only👏three👏times👏since👏its👏release👏.

I know its a rare and all, but seriously, I’ve seen T.Rex in the wild more times than that thing. It makes me cri :cry:


Monolophosaurus without a doubt; Kaprosuchus would be nice. Rajasaurus and Ankylosaurus but not ahead of the other two.


Amargasaurus. Never enough.


Riiiight? You can never have too much Amarga DNA


Just irritator with 500 attempts


I saw one today! Still collecting DNA for it though…