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Now this, how much real money have you poured into Ludia’s Vault?


Let’s get real for a moment. Are you keeping tab how much money you spent on this Game or you just do impulse buying whenever there’s an OTO? Have you ever spent that much dough on any mobile games before? Forget about the time and effort we spent playing this game, …that’s priceless.


I lost count tbh. I just spend whenever I don’t have anything else to spend on.


In total probably $500


I can‘t remember when I hit the 300€ line…yeah I regret it and wasted it but it is how it is and I won‘t pay anything more from Ludia. Gonna continue f2p and try my ‚luck‘ and I will use my money for other nice things lol.


I also lost count , I have to check my iTunes account and calculate it, ballpark around $500 also or less.


Without counting VIP? $60… Vip for 6 months though so another $60 on top of that.

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To much! And I kick myself daily for doing it


You are not alone. I bet others feels the same way.


A whole $0


$50 for 5 months of VIP. I don’t miss VIP, not really worth it to me.


Seems like a lot of rank 20 people have dropped the vip?


Yeah I finally dropped mine since having it from the start


Before I checked, I figured about $100.
When I checked it was shockingly over $500.

That was awhile ago. Probably near $700 and deeply regretting it.

I think most of us are in denial how much we have wasted on this game.

Those $50 level up incubators for a level 20 player…lol.


I don’t want to count it. I did regret it

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I did regret it*


Bah auto correct. Would*




VIP and One Time Offers amounting >US500
Now I am a Free Player and now I am happy with
the RNG.


Around 60 euros, I am happy I spent it on this game at the beginning, it helped me a lot but then when realizing it was a supermassive black hole I just turned into something similar to an advanced casual palyers, not only for money spent but also for time spent, I am at home today and maybe I would not have the spirit to go outside my home to hit the treasure chest today and the epic strike tower so it is not a matter of “money” but just taking this as a game, not as a work, doing daily forever.


Not sure I should have totalled it - £204.04 since June; I can live with that. More than I expected, not as much as I feared.