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Now what could this be?

I feel like I’ve seen this before. Anyone else? New hybrid or S-hybrid?

A super hybrid,
maybe the much wanted ostoposaure super hybrid or even maybe another boss
Also the banner was when omega 09 (unlock) came out sooooo!!!

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I think it’s another boss, SCORPIUS REX

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Because we know scorpius rex(or E750) and this looks like a boss

could be a new super hybrid, but i feel like there is a hidden meaning behind the word “bear”. could be a cenezoic hybrid or maybe even a cenezoic super hybrid since we haven’t “seen anything like it before”.

last time it was the boss update so it maybe just another boss or something better the boss hybrid

Could even be a jurassic super hybrid with say sarkastodon/arctodus dna.

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I think it’s a boss

Last time it was a boss, perhaps a new Cenozoic boss.

Or it could just be a typo from someone French writing the comment at Ludia and not getting the translation correct.


“Bear with us” alludes to an Arctodus based Boss?

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Yes this is similar to when Omega 09 came
Another reason why I think this is a boss

but no, it’s the poster for (juggernaut) I know they put two posters but, they did that when they released Omega, and then with luck maybe it’s a super hybrid?

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Last time it was for a boss. It’s probably for juggernaut.

It was for the boss, you’re right.

Cant be new s hybrid. It cant go in the rotation immediately because eupo is only out

Unfortunately it is for juggernaut, nothing new, if you click on the actual banner it takes you to the jurassic world update page here

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It’s juggernaut the last time they had that up was when Omega was released


But I think this might not be it.

My bets are on a boss, either new or reused

Yeah :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

sorry @Indominusrexgen2