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Now why shouldnt I leave the game?

The problem is my heroes are level 9 but I got no gold and no objects to upgrade them and to get epic or others is really difficult and it is really slow to upgrade them doing xp in missions so why should I go on playing? it is like ok at level 9 heroes(5 lvl 9, 2 lvl 6 ok ) the game is blocked …In this moment I see level 10 more far away then recommencing and get back to lvl 9 probably…when you arrive at this point with lack of even objects and not only gold the game become useless…maybe you should put more epics objects for everyone and raise dice chanches to get them because they seems really low…basically the game offers me all objects for lvl 6 heroes the one that i don’t want to raise while there are few drops for my lvl 9…

It is aggravating. I wanted to finish the story so I stuck around. I am not sure how much longer I will be playing though.

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Same here, I gave up a month ago, came back today only to find it harder to level up and harder insta-kill story monsters… soooo im out

I agree on that, you could die of old age waiting for epic or better items to drop. good grief!