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Now would be a good time

For the devs to show up here again and explain what the heck is going on. Safe to say we as a community and player base are sick of being treated like, well… being treated poorly.

Suck it up, take 5 minutes and TELL US THE TRUTH.



Yeah… Because that will give players more confidence. Apple doesnt do that and people consume IScam products like obedient slaves.

Why would they admit they messed up when that is a sure fire way to lose customers? It’s about damage control.

It’s a security issue or so they say. Meaning it could be something they dun want players to know about like a backdoor into the server etc… Telling the players and thus hackers of the vulnerability will only make things worse.

I rather they focus on fixing the game to where it was 1 month ago then improve from there. Asking for the truth and then getting lies is the best way to self-trigger

Ludia’s idea of damage control -

Here’s 250 in game cash. Now go away.

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They are a Canadian company. In the event of a breach, they are required by law to inform you of the breach.

To be honest when has ludia ever been honest recently?

You are asking to much for proper communication with its players don’t you think?

If it’s a security issue then try and be a little understanding.


I’m ok with the news posting they made today. Will sit tight until next week now.


When it comes to security issues, most of the time they arrived at unexpected moment (of course) and moreover you can’t tell anything about it.
Because if you tell what you’re fixing, someone could use it and take advantage of it.

Best action is always maintenance warning first, maintenance time then and if and only if the problem is corrected you could tell about a security issue.

That’s server security 101.

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