NOW you've gone overboard


So the events are cool and all, but they’ve never neen quite the same from one week to the next. One dinosaur a day is good on paper but some of us can’t make it on the chosen day. You changed it to 2 dinosaurs spread over 2 days; much better! Unless you only ever see the one you don’t want, but that’s RNG for you. 50% isn’t bad.

Then you did 3 dinosaurs. Okay, this gets more variety, but that’s starting to push the odds out of favour.

Now there’s four. FOUR. We now have a 25% chance to get the one dinosaur we have? Even at 3 days, that’s remarkably poor odds, and particularly frustrating for those of us who have to make an effort to go out. That’s point one.

Point two is that in my area there are only two local fields/parks, one of which has 2 event drops and the other has 3. Both parks had a drop taken over by a strike event, bringing me down to only 3 event stops that I can use for this event near me. Why do they need to take over event drops?

Point 3 I’m especially annoyed with today, ans that’s that THERE ARE NO DINOS AT THE EVENTS ANYWAY. I deliberately took my lunch break outside in the heat and walked to various other event drops only to have the dinosaurs I was hoping to find DISAPPEAR before I got within optimal range. Why are they despawning, and for so long? I found a strip of green that had 5 event drops: 1 had a raptor, the other 4 were empty. Even if I wasn’t mobility-impaired, what a waste of time to go out hunting!

Seriously, PLEASE consider more player-friendly options.


I pretty much gave up on the daily dinos starting this week because there are only certain ones worth seeking out and I’m not gonna drive all over town just to grab 3 of what I want. I was launching them from 500+ feet away today because I just didn’t really care. And some days certain parks don’t even have the dino/box anymore, or it’ll just be an empty box.


Yeah same except its been this whole week I was like eh. That gallimimus really discouraged me from trying or even attempting to visit parks. Ill just stick to the epics on sunday, at least im guaranteed to get something I like lol


Yep ill just be gettin pyro dna. Im not a fan of blue with its weak dmg lol and least pyro has the best raptor hybrid


Same here, even though my Pyro is pathetic and these 6 tries will barely make a dent. I never find them in the wild but it’s still better than Blue.


You can’t go wrong with pyro, I want the pyrritator so bad but my irritator is not even lvl 15 yet haha. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see more members with magnapyritor after this event.


I’m hurting bad when it comes to Irritator and Pyro DNA. I’m probably not very close to creating the Pyrritator yet. My gf got one from an incubator a while back but it’s so slow to level it up. I can only use dinos that I can constantly level up or else they start getting rocked in 1 or 2 hits.


A very lucky incubator indeed. Same situation with the gallimimus, I couldn’t max all the attempts for the Irritator. I agree, legendaries that are stuck at lvl 16 aren’t very useful in the upper arenas. If anything, the pyrritator would make a nice collection. I have more confidence getting the utarinex, then acquiring enough irratator dna to make the pyrritator itself lol.


I got irritator dna to make mine only 13 so i know the feelin lol


Poxinabox I agree. 2 dinos over 2 days is great. I can’t always visit a park because of work and family obligations, so multiple days help me not miss out. At 3 dinos it’s tough to find what I’m looking for, but it’s still doable. 4 is ridiculous. For people who have the time and enough event spawns nearby to grind, the high number of attempts is probably great. But like you, I just darted from a distance at whatever was spawning. I like having choice in the events, but 3 is frustrating and 4 isn’t doable.


I agree this event was not enjoyable for me. Because of the huge variety and strike events / chests spawning randomly replacing some of the event points. After last update still missing some event points too, it has now become impossible hunting the dino i prefer. Im even grabbing everything i can because otherwise i wont even make it to 24 attempts. 48 attempts i did not even get close. It is way too harsh.


Agreed, this one is too explosive (perhaps a test?). It doesn’t even have much I’d wanna chase after save for Pyroraptor. A lot of the green areas too, which were filled with event drops, now hardly have anything, including the big ones, which decreases my motivation to hunt.


The park I went to in my small town had 6 spawn points, then when the big update hit, it dropped to 4… :rage:

There were 2 supply drops next to my work that I could snag when I went to the bathroom and went to check the mail… but those disappeared too after the update.

Those two things really irritated me about the big update… and two of the chests I was hitting every day during the event were overwritten by strike events…


In the small park not far from me, it started with only two event drops, then increased to four. But in a long stretch of one further away, it was filled to the brim; now there’s maybe half or less.


Well, I had 2, but it’s now dropped down to 1 because a Strike Event took the place of the other one. And even if I travel a bit further, there’s still not enough to get me the dino(s) I want from it. There’s lots of green spaces around, but barely any drops. Adding in the extra dinos to track down makes it less worthwhile.


Yeah, what’s up with the blank Green spawn points in parks? I went last night and my 4 spots (reduced from 6 after update) are only having 3 dinos and one blank one… lazy dino.