Nublar Shores new matchmaking rules have created a mess

Ludia recently made a change that allows all players in Nublar Shores to be matched against one another. The prior rules prevented players from being matched unless they were within 200 trophies. I suppose this was done because the very upper echelon of players were not getting matches regularly.

However, there is a HUGE disparity between the power level of teams in Nublar Shores. I am currently ranked #133 with 6730 trophies, which I thought was pretty good, until I started regularly playing players in the top 50. My win rate against these players is abysmal. I also occasionally get matched with ~6100 rated players, and those matchups are similarly unfair in my favor. For whatever reason, I have been getting matched more often with the top 50 players that have more than 200 trophies more than me (and sometimes 4000 trophies more than me, hello IDGT).

I get that if you were +200 trophies ahead of everyone else, the old rules would have always matched you with a bot, and that is a problem that affected a small handful of players that was fixed with this change. However, in the process, the experience has been ruined for a larger group of players in the 6000-7000 trophy range. Before this change, I was getting a match most of the time, and most matches were pretty even. Now, almost every match has a heavy favorite. There are also no more bot battles, which were never all that fun, but I think were necessary to prevent these lopsided matchups. The change to reduce the queue time from 2 minutes to 30 seconds was a great change, and I had no issues with the old system.

My proposed solution is to add 2 more arenas, and make it so that those rated 7000+ can be matched with anyone in that arena. The 6000-7000 rated players revert back to the same rules as the previous patch, where they can only be matched with players within 200 trophies of themselves. Or they could just revert to the previous system, but I don’t think they would be willing to do that, because they saw it as problematic.

Can you guys please be constructive with your feedback? This is not an attack post against anyone. I have no problem with the top players; they deserve to get matches. I believe Ludia is trying to create a good system, but there are just not enough players in each power level tier in the upper ranks to be able to do so.


thank you for your feedback, your experience does not surprise me at all, when I saw these update lines, I said to myself “phew, I can drop”.
When you know that once you entered the 6000 trophies, you can face abyssal tunas that have thousands of boosts in reserve, of course, we do not belong to the same category.
It’s a bit like in aviary, when you face a boosted thor max with your legendary lvl 20.

Clearly, Ludia will create two gaming experiences.
Those who have the means, are in the top 100/200 who will roll on the second, the others who were happy to get there.

Quite honestly, in the long run things are going to be very simple, people are going to be disgusted like me and dropped.

It was not the smartest choice, as far as I am concerned, it confirms my decision.

Indeed, they should have:
-Create 2/3 arena: (6000-6500 / 6500-7000 / 7000-7500)
-Increase the match reward (360 aviary / 400 lockdown / 450gyro / 510 nublar)
-Increase the size of chests and their rewards past aviary.
-May be still put exclusive DNA in these arenas.
In short, simple things that are commonly called “motivation”


I totally agree with your post. Droppers create a matchmaking problem for lower level players and Ludia should try to prevent this. Increasing rewards for upper arenas would be a great way to do this. It’s crazy that you get the same rewards for winning a match in Aviary that you do in Shores.

I also dropped on occasion during the time where you could wait 2 minutes for a boss match, get paired at the last second, and then wait 1 more minute for the match to time out, just to have to queue again for 2 more minutes. That was extremely frustrating, but they fixed it, and I have not dropped since. This change is making me want to drop again, because it’s too frustrating to have to grind 10 matches against the top 50 just to get one incubator. This might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not.

Actually, that gives me another idea. How about this: in Nublar Shores, you can be matched against anyone. But after 2 losses, you can only be matched against someone within 200 trophies of you. I think that’s reasonable.


We ask for better matchmaking for many months and they destroy it in the upper arenas. Not really surprised by this. It is Ludia after all.

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with the experiences of the players who are just entering shores, i don’t blame them for dropping. With matchmaking like that, i’m not gonna blame anyone for dropping right now. And after a short while, the top is going to be back to square one when no one wants to climb into shores and intentionally loose matches to keep themselves under that threshold.


What level is your team and what boost level? If you’re in the top 250 it shouldn’t be a major disparity between you and the top 50.

New arenas would be more than welcome! What’s happening now causing a traffic accident with the Gyro, Library, Aviary (and I’m sure Lockwood soon) becoming the car crash pile-up by causality.

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There probably is cuz the difference is still 3,000 trophies. No joke , top people have10,000 trophies. The top have like maxed boosted creatures every Dino, top 250 prob only have like 4 max boosted creatures

I’m all level 30 except lv 27 Mortem. All are fully boosted except DC, which is unboosted. I’m close to replacing it with a fully boosted dino. Also my boosts are not optimal. Some dinos have unnecessary speed boosts but I don’t have enough of the right boosts to boost everything optimally. You wouldn’t think there would be a big difference between me at 133 and someone in the top 50, but there is. One big difference is Monolorhino. Just another 20k rhino DNA and I’ll have that (it’s going to be a while lol). The top teams use the top dinos boosted optimally. Just having attainable dinos at level 30 fully boosted is not enough.


Exactly same as you
Full boosted mortem lvl 26
Full boosted tryko
Full boosted indoG2
Full boosted magna
Full boosted Stegodeus
Full boosted ardentis
Full boosted erlidom
And a DC with 3 boost which i spend all my boosts actually.
Why i won’t go over 6K?
Because my dinos are not top tier.
Erlidom,even 30 boosts lvl 30 is barely good,indoG2 is mediocre,Stegod is not top tier and is wreck after getting one opponent down,ardentis is not as good as gemini .
At least im surprised by mortem which is really good despite all the bad things we hear about it

So my question becomes what puts them so far above you? Couldn’t you be competitive against other teams of same level same boost level dinos? If you’re in the top 150 SHOULDN’T you be able to compete? What puts them on that “untouchable” tier? Because honestly, if you’re fielding a Max level max boosted team the only factor left to separate is skill

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Not really the way this match making works as clearly indicated by the current ladder where number 1 has around a 5k trophy lead from number 8. This is getting to season 2 levels of absurdity. Where everyone just battled high enough to fight the ai.

Except now it’s battle high enough so your always matched with players of significantly huge trophies gaps.

Not to mention their is a difference between max boosted and optimal max boosted back before Ludia stopped letting us see their boost levels you could see the top 10 changing their boost builds quite a bit. They weren’t just throwing boosts away to reboots them for fun it’s cause they make a difference. It’s called min/max for a reason.

Everyone of You need to spend more cash!

Why complain?

Expect to lose if You don’t want to play the way Ludia want!

How much have You spend on the game?

And now You complain You can’t win?

Its a hoax.

No one will ever win in this game because the rules always change! :joy::joy:

I admit i have spend a lot,but i don’t play this game to finish 1st place.
When my team get nerf,do i cry?no,because my team is not meta relevant already
I don’t want to be a clone which use the dino “metahub” told you to focus first.
There is 230 dino in this game,i should focus on mammolania and tuoramoloch,but i prefer to lvl up and boost testacornibus and bajatoguanodon.

I’m one of those lucky guys who had the chance to go to the beach a few times (could not stay long, but hey it was nice to be able to dip my toes in the sand!). My feeling is that the new matchmaking will simply push way down all those lucky guys like me, as well as all the regular beach lover up to 6300. That’s a lot of players who will then be pushed permanently to the Spheres. And guess what, this will trickle down all the way… Seriously, I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to the beach anytime soon now. I’m not even sure my place in the Sphere will be safe once the dust settle!


You have 100% respect for this! :star:

I agree. Its a shame other dinos are not playable in the game, other then the ordinary ones.

When I understod this, I never levled up any dinos over 21. But I have tryko level 30 etc.

The fun is still in the game in lower arenas and a lot less stressfull and expensive to play.



you have more fun using dinos that people do not use to have a unique game experience rather than forcing by taking the “meta team” which must remain with the top levels and which sooner or later will eat a nerve and will make you angry.

Even the poukandactylus, I find it interesting, I could the upper level 30 even if it is bad.We forget that the basis of the game is to have fun, not to compete

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It’s not a ‘skill’ issue. I’m around 250 rank and continually getting matched with Top 50. I only have 6 Dinos fully boosted, 1 25/30 boosted and 1 that has 1 speed boost (Draco).

What I’m continually coming up against are fully boosted MRhino and WRhino…most often on same team. The Top 50 not only have hard to obtain Dinos fully leveled and boosted, but they seem to have excess amount of boosts to apply to Dinos outside their Top 8.

I don’t mind competitive matches and going up against top tier, but when you’re continually going up against that caliber of paid teams to get 1 freaking incubator, it makes you want to quit. All the skill in the world won’t beat these types of team unless you’re on level playing field…


Stay in Aviary and Library, never go up, why bother? The top trophies increased by 3000 over the weekend, which is the poor matchmaking. The funny thing is, a skill tournament comes up and most of the top tier vanishes, lol. Money can take you to shores, but can’t improve the skill. I am just sitting back, levelling each of my Dinos to 30, taking my sweet time and concentrating on skill tourneys, raids, and darting which are the non-toxic part of the game.