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Nullify and fleeing week

Tomorrow is the new Nullify and fleeing week

Be sure to write it he comment section below what creature’s you will be darting this week I’m going for mono gen 2, compy gen 2 and mono and yes Dodo is the epic strike on Friday


I’m so close to creating SR3 and I just need Mono G2. On my secondary account I need Mono G1 to bring SR1 to level 23. This week will be amazing for me. I’m close to taking Zorion to level 27 as well.

This week is useless for me, only going to beat the towers and that’s it.

That theme is absolutely on point with Ludia’s attitude these last weeks !

Also “useless” could be used there.


Meh. I’ll go for Compy2 for the sake of tournaments, but otherwise? Nothing for me here.

Not a great week at all

Nothing really stands out .


Im going for mono gen2. Hopefully I can get my Scorpius to lvl 25

Nothing I need this week but not a bad week.

I only need koolasuches otherwise nothing

Yay! More dilo dna for my ovilopho!

meh week. only mono gen2 that is worth

Only Mono g2 for me, rest useless. Will go for Compy g2 from rares. Epics anything thats not Koola.

This week has some Scorpius Rex and Scorpius Rex Gen 2 components which of course G2 is used for G3. Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Monolophosaurus.

I have a 26 Scorpius Rex and a 24 Scorpius Rex Gen 3 on my one account. Mono Gen 2 won’t be around for another 3 months again for me so this will help my Gen 3 along. Epic Mono is more rare so gathering more of those won’t hurt.


All i need is the damn carnotaurus who only available on Friday

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