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Nullify and Self Increase - December 2-8

Is there a guide to the different weekly themes? I need to save a current guide. :blush:


Omg yes finally dilo

interesting. i can finally get more dilophosaur to make Diloracheirus. and i think i may go mono to try and get monomin to 20 for vexus.

Oh 1.11 is on Tuesday!

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The events are getting more and more trash


I approach this with lackluster enthusiasm

Says who ?

I’ll take Mono for sure. Get’s me a bit closer to Vexus and a complete dinodex

Go for either Tany, dilo g2 or mono g2 for commons
Go for either Dilo or procerato for rares
Go for ptera for epics

Nundasuchus and irri g2 are commons
Posto Kapro irri and bary g2 are rares
Bary g1, GorgoSUCHUS and postimetrodon are epics

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Well, nothing much for me to dart there for my team. The incubators hopefully contain Kaprosuchus.
Is that an Erliko-themed incubator? I could always use more Erliko. Also, scent seems to be for crocs too.

yep. looks like erlik g1. i could also use the erliko.


YEs it’a g1 erlik and it’s a croc scent


Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon and Monolophosaurus are pretty good. I see an Erlikosaurus epic incubator, which is awesome.

Tany/Mono G2, Dilo, and Mono G1 are what I’m gonna be going for. Might hit a couple ptera too, but I’m well stocked on it.

Ferocious is kinda bad though, if I recall correctly it’s baryonyx and postimetrodon, and no irri or bary g2…

Where does it say that

Dilo and Diplo G²

Most likely on Monday. There’s nothing indicating Tuesday.