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Nullify should remove revenge

Nullify says “remove all positive effects”. Revenge is a positive effect (such as less cool down). Ipso facto nullify should remove revenge!



This would cause major issues because they’ve already selected their move so how does that work exactly? I see the point but I think the implementation would be difficult if even possible




It would work for some moves where the non-revenge version has the same delay/cooldown (it would just do the non-revenge version of the selected move). But stuff like revenge shattering rampage that can’t normally be selected on the first turn wouldn’t work.

In that case I guess they would just have to skip a turn then. What the OP is saying makes sense, and it could probably work, but I don’t think it’s a necessary change, and I like Revenge the way it is.

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Yeah probably. Losing an entire turn of damage is a pretty big consequence for getting your revenge nullified though.

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True but it would be basically like a stun, plus it would help to stop those who can’t be stunned with their revenge.

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Yeah that’s probably how it would work, but it still seems a bit unfair for the revenge user


Lol true but so is them being stunned it just a different way to play the game in a sense. Kinda like how it’s unfair for a cloak user versus something with null impact or rampage.

The difference is that they (supposedly) account for nullify as a way to counter cloak. Revenge already has a drawback in only being able to be used after your teammate dies.

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Actually I don’t think it’d be that hard to implement. All it needs to do is when the nullifying move is implemented on the revenge move, it gets reverted back to the original move.

Example: Dinosaur A uses nullifying strike on Dinosur B which is on revenge. Dinosaur B is about to use “revenge distracting impact” which on revenge does 2x damage, the move would be reverted back to its original move, so Dinosaur B would have it’s revenge nullified and only do 1.5x dmg.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this since they really aren’t many creatures with nullify moves, and could change up gameplay a bit.

What if the player used revenge DSR and it wouldn’t have been available turn 1 without revenge being active? You can’t just have the game decide what move it becomes because the player may have used a slowing move rather than their impact etc etc.

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