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Nullifying moves possible change?

Just wondering what’s everyone’s thoughts on nullifying moves? The descriptions on all nullifying moves state “removes positive effects” why does this move remove shields? I don’t think it should. The shield isn’t a positive effect and the move doesn’t say anything about shields. I think it should do what it states or change the description.

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I consider shields to be a positive effect. :sweat_smile:


I feel as it’s not. Ferocious, speed up, evasive… not shields just saying

I agree with Ned. Shields work in a way similar to dodges and cloaking, they provide a positive easy assist to a player but can be removed just as easily.

There are moves that can remove only certain elements, but nullify removes all. If nullify can’t remove all, than what makes it different than all the partial removers like say precise impact?

I see what you are saying. I’m just looking at it from both sides. I think one of the biggest problems for this game besides boosts is that some moves do to much. Superiority strike when that was a thing, cautious strike, maybe nullifying

Positive effect = anything that positively effects the dinosaur (ferocity, evasive/cloak, shield, speed increase, ect). Negetive effects = anything that negetively effects the dinosaur (distraction, DOT, speed debuff, ect)

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So I want Nullifying to remove boosts too ! They are a positive effect after all.:cold_face:


Be careful about what you wish for :grin:. @Cronista


Haha please make that happen

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Yes please! That might be nice :grin:

Do it @Ned