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Nullifying strike and defense shattering attacks


I have searched and only found a reason for why nullifying strike works on immune creatures, but have seen nothing about why they defense shattering attacks don’t destroy shields on immune creatures. Can anyone shed light on why it works this way?


Because apparently even shields that are deployed by immune creatures those shields then become immune to defense shattering… nullifying attacks still clear it which too is odd to me… either they need to remove immunity from shields or need to change nullifying to not affect immune creatures… queue complaints about that… I’ve got my own gripes against this game but it’s a good time killer for a minute… so many broken aspects to battles itd starting to make it unenjoyable but more predictable… 9/10 times I can call out what the opponents starting dino… usually rotates between 4… stegocero… rex(usually who I start with… usually first one to die so i try to get a nice chunk out of their first dino if not one shot in some rare situations) eniesucks… or vraptor… every once in awhile I’ll see indom and some other one offs but those 4 I pretty much run up against in damn near all off my matches


Defense shattering is a negative effect move (specifically destroys shields). All negative effects are stopped by immunity (slowing, dmg reduce, vulnerable, stuns, etc.). Nullify is NOT a negative effect move itself, it only removes Positive effects. Shields fall in that category so they are turned off by nullify. Its a odd descrepancy, but it makes sense.