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Nullifying vs Shields


This is my first post here so uhm, hi.

I can’t recall if it was like this before the patch or not but should nullifying impact remove shields?
This doesn’t only affect the ankylocodon but it just hit me with the change to it. Because I wouldn’t consider the shield to be a buff/positive effect like the speed buff or dmg one.


Anything that isn’t part of the base stats would be considered a buff, so it can be de-buffed.

Armor can’t be de-buffed, but can be penetrated. Shield is added on top of base stats so it is additional, a buff, so it can be removed, de-buffed.

And Welcome! This place is like a Dungeon in D&D, lots of treasures to be found, but also some hidden Trolls.


yeah, kinda what I expected. The thing that made me question it a bit more is that the shield is infront of the dino instead of on it like the other buffs. But it makes sense that it is able to be removed. And thanks for the welcoming!


What confuses me about shield is… what does it represent?

Armor represents thicker hide or plating.
Speed up represents an adrenaline surge.
Slow down represents… you gave it a charlie horse or it twisted its ankle?
Decrease damage… it broke a nail? Chipped a tooth? It’s weary and doesn’t hit as hard?
Stun … well it’s stunned, lol.
But a shield? What would an animal do to create a shield effect? Does it hunker down, clench it’s cheeks? Gird itself for the attack? I’m not sure…

Ankylocodon nerfed too much?

I think clenching it’s cheeks sounds the most logical. But I think it should be renamed to something like defensive stance and having the similar visual effects as the others buffs but blue instead.


I would think it represents a defensive posture but I agree with you its not completely logical. I actually think changing it to defensive stance is pretty good, compliments evasive stace and adds a reasonable explanation


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