Number beside the skull on clan page?

On the player list of the Clan tab, what does the number beside the skull mean?
I thought it was a running total of the last month’s keys earned, but it isn’t tracking with other members of the clan, as one of our top 3 contributors is ranked around #10. She should be in the top 3 if I was right, obviously, but isn’t, so I’m not.
Thanks, Ceph

They are called alpha points. It is based on the position in the damage rankings of the last 5 alpha’s you fought. (There has been a thread about this a few weeks ago: Clan alpha points)

The gist of that thread is as follow:

  1. Alpha points are based on last 5 alphas.
  2. Alpha points gained depend on the level of the alpha.
  3. If you don’t defeat an alpha, the alpha points you gain for that one are reduced (by a factor 1.5 i think?)

Great explanation, @Zhyan. :smiley:

Thanks, Zhyan! Will share that back with my clan.

To further clarify:

  1. They are based on the keys gained, not the position itself.
  2. The amount of keys is multiplied by the level of Alpha.
  3. Not 100% sure whether the multiplication occurs or not when you fail an Alpha. Like, if you were supposed to get 50 keys and downed a 3-star Alpha, you’d get 3x50=150 points. If you failed - not sure if it would be 50\1.5=33 or 150\1.5=100. @Ned?
  4. Technically a deadweight can play once in 5 days and stay have 0< Alpha points. So caution to clan leaders who don’t keep tabs on performance.
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@Wirxaw, we can’t disclose that sadly. :sweat_smile:

I fail to see how that’s a big secret, but… we can still test it in the game and figure it out ourselves, right? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I’m also confused as to why that can’t be disclosed…

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I’m just relaying the message from our team :sweat_smile:.

If we could share more information, we definitely will. Also be sure to check out our other social media pages, as new information is updated there regular as well!