Number of Dinosaurs per Species

I’ve been wondering and was not able to find a post about it here, so I’ll ask out of curiosity: how many of each dinosaur do you have? Do you just keep one of each maxed dino? Do you fill out your enclosures completely, and if so, do you min-max their levels or do an even spread of each evolution (3 of each level 10, 20, 30, 40)? Right now I’m planning to have at least one of each evolution per creature for a sort of completionist feel and was wondering how others go about that.


I’m cool with 40 of each and two if they don’t have hybrid yet (so I will be ready) if they ever do. 99% done with that for common, rare, and super rare. For the legendaries it’s more of a backup goal as I have other things I need to do like bolstering savannahs or else my legendary amphibians.


Ooh, I like that spare for a hybrid idea. I’m still fairly new to the game so I’ve got a ways to go until I can start doing that, but it’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind.

My guess is you will find that having one of each evo will be a big task. There a lot of dinos. You can see the different evolve levels for each one anyhow. As you progress you will identify needs in your lineup. And be sure to keep a balanced lineup otherwise the events become impossible as the difficulty is determined by the strength of your top 3 creatures. Maybe you know that already but just in case…

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Ah, I actually didn’t know that about how event difficulty is determined. I thought that everyone said to keep a balanced lineup because you wouldn’t have to rely on one carry. Thanks! Also yeah, I realize that the more endgame dinos would become problematic in my goal, so I probably won’t be going down that route.

For lower rarities you should hatch whatever the game gives you through daily events, PVP and tournaments (in general hatch everything the game gives you before accumulating too many creatures in your market). This will help your coin production. And will also help with story mission of the type “have x creatures/carnivores/pterosaurs etc lvl 40”. Here is an example of an ok coin producer that I don’t even have in a coin trap (almost all gotten for free in the game).


That’s something I should get into too since it’ll help clear my market some as well. What do you mean by lower rarities specifically? Like anything super rare or lower? Thanks for the tip too!

Yes, start with commons, then rare and then super rares.


I have two of everything at level 40. Was a long slog to get there. I sell everything else except for super hybrids (and I keep a few commons @ 1 to achieve some of the random objectives). Been playing for years… more than enough options to avoid speeding up cooldowns. Gets really expensive from a DNA perspective when they release new expensive hybrids… I need to purchase 16 new Dino’s to keep my 2 @ 40.

What would you all say about the amber market dinos for this then? I’ve heard that those are only available in the amber market, and I’ve been saving my amber for a bit now. Should I be buying them or should I just wait to get them by other means?