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Number of dragons in defence team in the Thawfest Arena

At the silver level, you can have 8 dragons in the defense team.
So how is this possible?


Hey, @Pehta. It is possible to have this amount as you don’t lose the number of dragons you use in your defense team. So if you reached Crystal in the past(where you can have 10 dragons) but later rank down to silver, you will still have your 10 dragons.

Hi @Ronald

But that’s not how the Thawfest Arena works for me - in my case, the arena behaves differently.

I started this season in Copper level 3.
The first day I reached Bronze 1 level and added the seventh dragon to my defense team.
During the night I was attacked by 15 opponents. Some battles my defence won, some lost - in the sum opponents deprived me of 320 cups.
So the next morning I was back in Copper level 3 and the seventh dragon from my defense team disappeared, so the defense team was again six members.

Even if the Thawfest Arena behaved as you write, the situation I pointed out would have to arise something like this:

I will assume that first I will win everything continuously, reach the Crystal level and then on the contrary I will lose everything to make it easier to calculate.

First, it would be necessary to get at least 5,100 cups to reach the Crystal 1 level - the season cannot start with more than 7,500 cups on account, the crystal 1 level needs at least 12,600 cups.
With a very optimistic assumption of winning 25 cups per battle, this is more than 200 won battles.
After the reaching Crystal 1 level I would have to lose 6,000 cups in losed battles to go down to Crystal 2 level and the score was 6,600 cups as shown by the screenshoot I sent. Which again, assuming 25 cups per battle, means 240 losses.

This does not seem real to me


Dude…u just crushed them with this reply… :grin:


How do you do that Ronald? As a support member, your answer was laughingly wrong!

Can you please reply to us about what was actually happening? If the rules are what you described then Ludia owes us compensation for implementing the wrong rule in Arena since the beginning of the game and a clear, non-contradicting, coherent and realistic rule for Arena?



From what I’ve heard you only get a max of about 15 trophies in gold tier and about 10 in crystal tier when you win

I think the number of dragons doesn’t matter with a team like this: