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Number of green spawn reduce?

Hi people,

Im i alone to find that there is clearly not enough green spawn??
I mean over 100 ,i just find 1 spot!
for commons,its a bit underwhelming…
Is it because i am unlucky?
Is it because the pool is reduce because of the three towers??

I’ve been feeling the same? I know yesterday it was very difficult for me to find the epic I was looking for. But today, just a quick scan around my map shows one green tower within visible range. When I’m at home, that one tower is at the edge of my scanner range.

yes but at least this is epic and you have only 9 attempt on it,Now this is common and i have 36 attempt on something which is 1km far from my home

Did you miss the part where I’m having the same problem today? Plus, only nine attempts at a dino you never see except during events, and you can’t even find it during the event? That sucks.

Same for me. I’ve been really annoyed with the lack of green towers lately. I’m lucky if I see one.

Relatable. 101010101

It does seem they have been reduced but I’m not experiencing anything as bad as you describe.

maybe this is theS tower strike which reduce the poll,and in this case,ludia should delete them when we have finish the strike tower.

If you observe the amount of green pole for each event, you will see that the number is significantly reduced everytime a meta-relevant dino is featured.
This is not a new problem but it’s a trick to force players to spent money.

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That’s an interesting point.

Definitively! And on top of that, I also have a feeling that they give slightly less stuff than before as well (though, it could only be the fact that they are rarer, so somehow, I wish I could have kept stats!) I used to often top up on coins and Green Dollars, but now, it’s harder than ever. After spinning all the green spawn I find, all day long, I often have only a measly 3 green dollars for it.