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Number of players

Any one know how the trend of people playing this app is? Is it trending up? Down? Holding steady?

Fewer and fewer and fewer. There is an app/site to track # of players but I don’t remember the name.

Thanks, I’ve been playing since the conception of the game and wait time for pvp and number of players seems much longer ( wait x) and number of players lower.

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Fewer and fewer people seem to be playing. I’ve been at it almost since the game came out. With each update and patch we lose more people. Allot of long time players quit and new players seem to quit pretty fast these days. It’s to bad. If they would fix the PvP matching and increase the rewards they’d see allot more people playing.


100%. It seems like this was a great game that is being undone through poor management customer support.


I am part of a small group of players that remain from Beta. The app once had many users. However, since the public launch, there have been 5 or 6 occurrences which resulted in mass player exoduses. These include in no specific order:

  • The rapid shift from WoW being exclusively PvE to become almost exclusively PvP.
  • The launch of the ‘event algorithm’ and its deleterious impact on the vast majority of users.
  • The dreaded era of server connectivity issues.
  • The launch of Coriolis combined simultaneously with the level cap increase. This was further compounded as it occurred either immediately before or after the failed $5 quest pass levy.

Unfortunately, I have not recently tracked usage. Late last year the numbers dwindled below measurable levels for the app I was using. However, an assessment of forum usage may be representative of user trends, which continue to indicate a diminished user base. The highest number of views for a single thread in June 2021 is 969 for the “Return to Harvestshield” thread. By contrast, a single thread from 2 years ago, “Reactions and Roster” (July 4, 2019) had 67,400 views. While I admit this is not a precise gauge of app usage, it does confirm a thread in July 2021 could garner 70x the number of views compared to any active thread.


In the past I thought of paying for the vip pass but with the atrocious customer service and horrible pvp ( unless the vip members get all the critical hits , don’t miss at least 3x a match, etc?) I’m glad I never have. When I come close I just play a match of pvp and come to me senses!

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