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Number of the Trophy when win/lose

My dinos are really enjoying Lockwood arena since 2 month back., but I think I need to ask you to reconsider the balance when dinos are fighting .

My Delta is level 25, my Raptor is 27, and these 2 girls are at the highest level in my team. When fighting in the arena, most of the times my opponent dinos are around level 25, 26 or higher.
Level-wise it looks well balanced but since many of the users have Thoradolo or Tryko or both in their team while my team is built of small raptor pack, I don’t get why I have to lose 30~35 trophies when I lost 26 Thoradolo and only get 20~25 ones when I won 23 Tryko.

I would really appreciate if you could look at the balance on dino status (If its common, rare or the unique).
If not, everyone in arena 9 or 10 will use certain (boosted) dinos only which is not so fun anymore.

Thanks for your consideration!

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No doubt you are right. I think that in recent times they have improved this part but, I think, they have not considered in the scoring equation the fact that a dinosaur is rare, epic, legendary or unique and they consider the same level a unique of 26 as a rare of 26 and this should not be so.

Thank you for your reply, and indeed, they should consider this part and that players doesn’t have to give up their favorite dinos just because she can’t win :slight_smile: