Number of trophies between arenas

Why is it 1000 trophies to get to the next arena after Sorna? Why can’t it be 500 like the lower ones? At the end of the tourney the were a total of 28 people in Aviary. Couldn’t they redistribute a bit? Just asking because I’ve been stuck in Sorna for 3 months. I finally broke and stayed around 3500 and a change of scenery would have been nice :joy:. As would the arena exclusive dino in Ruins.


I can’t get into lockwood, no matter how hard I try.

Man. It’s been crazy ever since the tournament ended. I was hanging out around 3800-4100, and as of today…all day, I’ve lost any battle I’m in. I’m now down to barely over 3500.

I’m assuming I’m at that wall now since I’m F2P- but it’s crazy frustrating. At this rate, I’m gonna be hanging in lockdown as a standard if the level creep keeps occurring like this.

I’m suddenly doing pretty well since last night. I’m hovering around 4300 and don’t feel that worried about who/What I’m facing in Jurassic ruins and I was stuck in sorna since the last tournament

I have been in Sorns for ages, the 1K slog to next level is a pain, 500 would be better motivation as I just play for incubators rather than aiming tor 4K, whereas arena at 3.5K would encourage me to battle seriously instead of just fill slots and stop

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Aviary is not that good. All you get is so far useless pterosaurs dna.
I reached it because it’s the way it plays out but I don’t feel rewarded.

Lockwood in the contrary is the big deal. It’s where your exclusive dna become either stygy OR Alanqa. It’s nice to farm it and it’s relatively easier to get it. It’s a nice reward but I can tell you aviary is not worth the effort :sweat_smile:


I’ll never get to aviary haha. I was just thinking if they had that few people up there they could redistribute and allow less trophies between lower arenas. The 1000 trophy slug through Sorna is rough. And honestly a little soul breaking.

lockwood incubator exclusive either stygmoloch or alanqa. but in aviary the incubator exclusive is 100% alanqa?:flushed: … i dont realize that

I know I’ve been there with the 1000 trophies gap between ruins and Lockwood. Good luck, as long as you level up your team you should succeed :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope it’s still stygy or Alanqa maybe I wasn’t clear enough :sweat_smile:

I just wanted to say that aviary give you only pteranodon, and rares pterosaurs that keep diluting things you need (hello irritator where are you my old friend I would like to use my magna)

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I’ve had a good run since the end of the tournament. I had just managed to scrape in over 4250 at the end but after a run of wins with only a couple of losses I’m up over 4450.

I reached Sorna in June, that was four months ago. I was with 3700 trophies before the start of the first tournament and than I, even I significantly powered my dinos, dropped to ~ 3500 trophies. I just reached the level 13 few days ago and with 3760 trophies. I always powered dinos only to the level needed to evolve to hybrids. I guess I am not bad with the tactics and dinos are with quite leveled - legendaries ~ 19, 20 and just a “dart” to get the first unique.