Think the nundasuchus event might actually be needed now…
Since the update I haven’t seen any!! Same with sarcosuchus…

Anyone else noticed they’ve gone missing ?


I was thinking this too! All I can see is a million apatosaurus and stegosaurus :woman_shrugging:t2:


Abit worrying for the future if we can’t get them when they are integral to 3 hybrids


Coincidence? I think not


I have the same. Also with the Einiosaurus and some other commons :frowning_face:


Same, nunda, einio, and sarco used to be everywhere to the point it was tedious (although since I heard about the update I’ve been darting almost every one I saw, just in case) and now they’re all just gone. Could spell trouble.


Naw, just a “migration.” They’ll cycle back around.