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NUTMEG NINJAS alliance is recruiting/merging

•Looking for ACTIVE players (preferably over lvl10)
☆Everyone that joins gets promoted to veteran!☆
•We expect everyone to participate in tournaments, the minimum requirement for takedowns every few days is all we ask, or at the very least have over 1000 trophies before the end of the month.
•Communicate with other members! This is especially helpful when it comes to requesting/donating DNA (even to get coins) this is also key for sanctuaries.
•Sanctuaries— Please Do Not Mix dinosaurs!!! If you do not see a sanc with the dino you need DNA for, and are not near a new one, just ask! Most times one of us can start one for you!!

Merge- Since our recent purge of members, our numbers are lower than any of us would like. We are looking to take in a small alliance (or multiple tiny ones) We have about 23 spaces available.
☆even though we may currently be few in number, we still average about 5/10 for weekly alliance incubators and 5 for monthly tournament incubators☆

We look forward to playing with you!

  • Nutmeg Ninjas